PRNEWS.IO Launches a Service Which Allows you to Measure the Coverage of Articles on the Internet

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The content marketing platform PRNEWS.IO launches a new audience measurement service for articles. Now platform’s customers can not only post articles online but also see the actual number of views, as well as the time which users spend on the page.

This allows brands to choose more selectively websites for publishing sponsorship content, monitor the effectiveness of publications, and edit the advertising budget. After all, audience tracking clearly shows how appropriate it is to post material on a given resource and in a certain format.

Until recent times the effectiveness of publishing sponsorship content was equal to the number of visits to the website. “PR agencies working with the media, and the online websites themselves, were to benefit from this formula” – assures Ksenia Reznikova, head of the PR department of the PRNEWS.IO platform.

According to her, the current practice in the market assumed that the client was sold to the popularity of the website. But 2 million monthly visits to the conditional news website which published the commercial publication are not relevant to the actual coverage of this article. “Although, for sure, they will convince you of this. But how to find out the truth?” – summarized Ksenia.

PRNEWS.IO processes data obtained from Google Analytics, as the access is delegated to the platform by publishers of news sites. Already, 700 online publications from 18 countries have joined the analytics module, with a total monthly audience of more than 100 million people.

The company believes that the new service will help provide transparency to the content marketing ecosystem.

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