Sites Metrics. Part 3: Demographic Indicators of the Audience

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In order to create a successful and effective ad article, you should have a clear understanding of the people for whom the article is designated, whether it’s a student or an entrepreneur, a resident of a metropolis or a small village, a pensioner, or a housewife. All these groups have different interests, they use various resources, and they require diverse approaches.

This is the third, final part of posts about site metrics. In the first article, we reviewed in detail the main site indicators, traffic sources, and geography of visits. In the second article, we analyzed SEO metrics and told what you should pay attention to when choosing a site.

In this article, we will tell about the demographic indicators of the site audience: gender and age, education and income, sources of entry, and marital status. Studying these characteristics will help choose the site with the right audience as accurately as possible. This will increase the effectiveness of articles and public relations campaigns.

Key demographic indicators






Sources of entry

How demographic indicators will help to promote

Social-demographic characteristics are simple and clear parameters that are easy to apply in a promotion strategy. These are basic concepts that can be layered with more complex characteristics and detail a portrait of a customer.

These indicators will be useful to those who are already familiar with their audience and know who the potential client is.

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