Free Online Marketing Tools for the Small Start Up

If you are a business entrepreneur thinking about starting your own company, there are tools at your disposal that will save you money. All you need to do is utilize the internet and understand simple concepts. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or patience to do everything themselves, but there may be one or two things you can do by yourself which will save you money allowing you the opportunity to put cash away for ventures that do matter. Here are some free start-up business tools you may find useful.

Google My Business

If you want to see what a site looks like that garners a massive audience and has impressive web traffic, go to the website and have a look. Google My Business does this for you. It lists your business and improves presence on Google Search and Google Maps. It is a free tool and one you can customize, use to interact with clients, post updates and a platform for questions and answers.


Designed for social media marketing, Hootsuite offers a limited free option which has been created to send out scheduled posts and keep your page engaged with the audience. The paid for version offers more functionality but try the trial to see if it is right for your business.


A must try for any start up business, WordPress is the best free content market tool on the internet. Over 33% of online business platforms are based on WordPress, which means you have seen, used or interacted with a WordPress site at some point in time. It is the most powerful CMS tool and highly recommended. The free version offers you the basic framework where you can choose a theme, add contact forms and information and it allows you to tweak certain features to suit your businesses purpose. The paid for version offers additional business functionality of course.


This is used for email marketing and to reach out to potential and existing clients. With this free version you can add email lists, keep track of progress and activity on various categories and create marketing emails to target your audience.

Google Analytics

This complex tool is used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but can be followed through a few crash courses. What it does is keep track of various activities happening on your site so that you can see which fields need attention. It measures the web traffic to your site, what attracted the visitors and various engagement activities from your web traffic.

There are of course numerous other tools which you may find efficient and effective. The trick is to know what you are looking for and then comparing the free tools with the paid for versions. Although you are paying for additional functionality, you may not always need what is on offer, sometimes the free version suits just fine.

Remember to do your homework before purchasing as there are multiple tools and more often than not you can find a cheaper one. The goal here is to save as much money as possible while utilizing the best services.

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, you understand the real potential of money, and you’ll be more conscious about handling it. When you’re able to save up a considerable amount or have a bank loan approved, you know that it’s wise to invest it instead of spending it all on a shopping spree. Putting up a small business should be a good start.


Most businesses or personal brands have their own websites out there in the world wide web. It is the best way to represent and promote yourself or your company today as there are more than 3 billion active internet users and they are available to reach. But having a website made is just the beginning of your digital journey. In order to make the most out of your web page, it must have some traffic coming into it and to achieve that you have to promote your site. One of the most efficient ways to do it is through Google. It is the most visited website on the internet which processes an overwhelming 3.5 billion searches every day.