Coin Journal is an interesting website, providing global news and content relating to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency (digital currencies) and Blockchain (technology related to the digital currency). There are articles in abundance from “Digital Currency Exchange Kraken Adds Support for Dash Trading,” to “How Blockchain Can Benefit Healthcare.” With sections involving the latest news on legal, technological and economical aspects of Bitcoin and the things associated with it.

Coin Journal has a strong presence on social media and is linked to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it also has an RSS feed. The website invites visitors to sign up for a regular newsletter and encourages participation in this via offering free giveaways. The website has a large following and averages around 70,00 visitors per month. It particularly appeals to a male audience (demographics indicate approx. 85% of the audience are male and around 25-44 years old).

With the help of you can place stories and tips on the website (drop us the idea — our the editorial team is open to receiving an email about it). You can also place an advertisement with Coin Journal and there is a number of options available. If you are seeking to target a specialized market advertising here could be a great way to promote your company or product.

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