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Устанавливайте свою цену. Бренды вносят предоплату, вы получаете вознаграждение после публикации контента. Никаких рисков, никаких установок, никакой фигни.

PRNEWS.IO готов давать контент высокого качества от проверенных клиентов с высокой репутацией.

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Charge a publishing fee to brands and increase your revenue.

PRNEWS.IO payments feature makes charging for content placement super easy. You set the fee. Brands pre-pay and then you’re paid out once the content is published. No risk, no setup, no fuss.

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Remuneration is available for withdrawal immediately after the release of the lock (Escrow). This happens as soon as the client has confirmed the agreement with the work performed.

Super simple process

Cut out the low-quality requests. You might be already getting loads of article requests, but most are likely low-quality or unwilling to pay for placement. PRNEWS.IO only allows high-quality articles through.

You can see the whole article, with images, and either reject or add a publishing fee to it. The platform saves you a tone of time and removes all the timewasting requests.

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PRNEWS.IO makes the SEO world go around. Search engines want to see LOTS of engaging content on your site.

The platform allows reputable brands to send you content opportunities.

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Valeriy Kornev, PR Director at BlaBlateka

Valeriy Kornev