Top 10 Wrestling Magazines for Passionate Fans of All the Times

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Wrestling is fun to watch. However, real fans enjoy reading about wrestling. If you are one of them, you should know the top wrestling magazines to follow and keep precious in your home collection. These media publications are colorful, inspiring, and informative. You can read them hundreds of times and never get bored of them. 

Choose Your Favorite Wrestling Magazines

All the wrestling magazines we’re about to mention are legendary. They can become valuable over time in the eyes of experienced collectors. You’ll enjoy reading them and make a smart investment for the future. So, enjoy the listing below:

  1. InterMat Magazine

InterMat is a popular media publication that covers every aspect of amateur wrestling in precise detail. Readers gain access to information about wrestling competitions in high schools and colleges, as well as articles on freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman competition, and various martial arts. The magazine’s content includes fresh recruiting information, profiles of fighters, interviews, news updates, coverage of national and international events, rankings, results, intriguing athlete profiles, the history of wrestling, legendary wrestlers, and their renowned coaches. InterMat offers in-depth analysis of major issues affecting both professional and amateur wrestling.

  1. EWrestlingNews

EWrestlingNews is the ultimate magazine for all passionate wrestlers and fans. You’ll gain access to the latest wrestling news from the USA and around the world. The content is focused on wrestling and provides a plethora of interesting details including news, videos, results, rumors, and more. Readers enjoy trending stories, updates on upcoming events, interviews with famous wrestlers, and other engaging content.

  1. WIN Magazine

Wrestling Insider NewsMagazine, or shortly WIN, is a monthly media publication that covers all levels of wrestling. Readers follow this publication regularly as a means to stay updated and well-informed. The magazine is bright and easy to read, making it a worthy addition to the collection of every passionate wrestling fan.

  1. Wrestling Headlines Magazine

Wrestling Headlines Magazine is the perfect choice for passionate wrestling enthusiasts. This media publication serves as your daily source for wrestling-related news and inspiration. With a history dating back to its creation in 1998, Wrestling Headlines Magazine continues to deliver wrestling news for the enjoyment of all fans.

  1. Wrestling News World Magazine

Wrestling News World Magazine definitely deserves your attention. It will become your personal, detailed guide to international professional wrestling. This remarkable media publication covers all the latest wrestling news from the leading promotions: WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, and MLW. Readers enjoy articles about wrestling competition results, rumors, top spoilers, and all the intriguing backstage scoops.

  1. TJR Wrestling Magazine

TJR Wrestling Magazine was created in London. You should start following it if you want to gain access to the latest professional wrestling news from around the world. You will learn everything regarding the top promotions, which include WWE, AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and more. Enjoy reading in-depth analyses written by experienced writers, interviews with legendary wrestlers, watching videos, and discovering reviews.

  1. Wrestlezone Magazine

Wrestlezone Magazine originated in the United Kingdom. It has an excellent reputation and interesting content. This media publication provides its followers worldwide breaking news, wrestling ringside live updates, detailed interviews, and other kinds of entertaining content. It is fully dedicated to professional wrestling and the fans of this sport. You can access daily news, editorials, and videos online for your comfort.

  1. Inside The Ropes Magazine

Inside The Ropes Magazine was created in Glasgow. Due to its high-quality content, it has become known worldwide. Inside The Ropes is an excellent resource for professional wrestling news, expert analysis, exclusive interviews, and breathtaking videos that every wrestling fan must see.

  1. Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine enjoys immense popularity in the USA and worldwide. This media publication has been recognized as the leading sports magazine since its creation in 1979. Founded by the talented publisher Stanley Weston, who was passionate about professional wrestling journalism, the magazine ensures you stay informed about news from the wrestling world, interviews, WWE, WWF, IMPACT, and more.

  1. WrestleTalk Magazine

WrestleTalk is one of the leading American wrestling magazines. If you’re seeking reliable news and updates on worldwide wrestling, it’s definitely the right choice.

Table Top Wrestling Magazines

Magazine NameDescription
Pro Wrestling IllustratedLeading sports magazine for wrestling enthusiasts since 1979.
WrestleTalkA prominent American wrestling magazine providing reliable news and updates.
Inside The RopesKnown worldwide for its high-quality content on professional wrestling.
Wrestling News WorldCovers latest wrestling news from top promotions like WWE, AEW, and more.
TJR WrestlingOffers access to the latest professional wrestling news globally.
Wrestling HeadlinesProvides comprehensive coverage of wrestling news and updates.
Wrestling Insider NewsMagazineMonthly publication covering all levels of wrestling.
EWrestlingNewsUltimate magazine for passionate wrestlers and fans, offering latest news.
InterMatCovers every aspect of amateur wrestling with precise details.
Wrestling Observer NewsletterOffers detailed analysis and reports on professional wrestling.


The world of professional wrestling is vibrant, and the same can be said about the top 10 wrestling magazines we’ve just described. Enjoy reading high-quality content about your favorite sport!

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