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Many people have a misconception about vegan lifestyle. When you start following a vegan diet, it does not mean you have to eat only boiled vegetables or a bawl of tasteless salad on a permanent basis. We recommend you to start following the best vegan blogs to switch to a vegan diet, try out a lot of new vegan recipes, and understand the philosophy of veganism better. Vegan blogs are the quickest way to get the right information, excellent recipes, and useful tips on how to start your new journey.

Nowadays, the number of vegan blogs grows every day. You can see a real explosion of interest in a vegan lifestyle. It is a positive tendency, but it can get quite overwhelming. There is a solution to this problem.

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Top 10 Picks for Vegan Blogs To Follow

So, we did in-depth research in order to find the best vegan blogs that will surely make you feel delighted. You will discover Indian, East Asian, Balkan, and many other cuisines. Enjoy your new way of eating, thinking, and healthier living!

  1. Veggiekins

Veggiekins is one of the best resources for vegan lifestyle and easy recipes. Remy has created a blog devoted to holistic wellness, which is full of easy-to-follow vegan recipes. Such a way of eating aims to nourish not only your body but also your mind. Most recipes are  inspired by East Asian cuisine. You will find a lot of informative blog posts about non-toxic ways of living. Follow this blog if you look for inspiration to start a healthier life. Plus, the aesthetic side of the blog deserves your attention. Indeed, it is one of the most eye-catching vegan blogs you could ever find.

  1. Heartful Table 

If you look for Balkan-inspired vegan dishes, Heartful Table is the right blog to follow. You will love all the receipts of Maša’s, who has roots in Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia. The blog author works on transforming traditional Balkan dishes into vegan-based versions. It is a very unusual collection of vegan receipts. Do not miss the best perks out there: spinach pie, cherry strudel, stuffed peppers, and many other picks.

  1. The Full Helping

The Full Helping is a unique collection of healthy and simple vegan recipes created by Gena. The blog author is a registered nutritionist. Once you try her receipts, you will see how healthy, nourishing, and wholesome they are. The design of the blog and the visual content deserves extra attention. You will love her clean, minimalist, and at the same time aesthetic way of presenting her vegan food. Indeed, every dish looks like a pure masterpiece. Such vibrant colors and professional photography will not leave you indifferent.

  1. Chocolate Covered Katie

The creator of the blog is Katie Higgins who focuses on healthy vegan desserts. The name of the blog speaks for itself. Katie is the expert in making deliciously plant-based desserts. Once you open the blog, you want to become a part of the worldwide vegan community. The best part of this vegan blog is that it is for people with no cooking skills. You will just need to pick up healthy and plant-based ingredients in a local market or store to make the breakfast dream. You will find a lot of guilt-free recipes, such as cinnamon rolls, pumpkin brownies, vegan cookies, etc. 

  1. Vegan Richa

The creator of this trendy vegan blog is Richa Hingle. It contains a collection of wonderful Indian dishes which are easy-to-follow. You will appreciate trying such colorful, healthy, and bursting with flavor recipes. All the dishes are vegan. Additionally, you will find a lot of ideas for gluten-free, oil-free, and soy-free dishes to add to your plant-based diet. We recommend you to try turmeric lemon rice, and mushroom tibs stir fry. They are awesome! 

  1. Wallflower Kitchen

Aimee Ryan is an expert in vegan food. The blog author lives in the UK and knows how to convert followers into veganism with ease. Once you discover this blog, you will not need any cookbook. Such recipes as scones with clotted cream or vegan pie with creamy leeks and mushrooms will not leave anyone indifferent. 

  1. Veganosity

The blog is devoted to delicious vegan comfort food. The blog is created by a loving mother and her daughter who are happy to share their unique recipes and ideas on how to replace mean in your diet. 

  1. The Curious Chickpea

If you love Indian-inspired vegan recipes it is the right blog for you to follow. Eva, the author of the blog, has a multicultural background which adds spice into her kitchen. You will enjoy her unique vegan Indian dishes and the way she mixes different cultures in the kitchen, which is 100% free from meat.

  1. The Colorful Kitchen

It is one of the best blogs where you can find tons of plant-based recipes. Once you start following this blog, you will take veganism differently. Your daily menu will be more bright and healthy on all levels. The blog creator is a certified health coach and photographer, which is a winning combination for a vegan blog!

  1. The Green Loot

It is a must-have blog to follow for vegans. It is a perfect manual for vegan newbies. Kate shares a lot of vegan guides, which help a lot once you start your vegan journey. All the plant-based recipes are easy to follow, healthy, and delicious.


Being vegan is healthy. You should not follow a common myth that a human body can’t get the needed amount of protein from a plant-based diet. The vegan blogs we presented in this article are delicious, healthy, nutritious, and contain the needed amount of plant-based protein. Such products as tofu, lentils, nuts, seitan, and beans will do the job perfectly. Many people with heart problems, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even arthritis solved their health problems simply by replacing meat in their diet. You can trust numerous studies, which suggest vegan diet to boost health, both physical and emotional. Stay open, curious, and vegan!

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