Top Real Estate Blogs To Follow For Agents and Homeowners

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As a professional real estate agent or landlord, staying up-to-date on real estate market news and trends is crucial for successful deals and high-profit rates. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most-followed real estate blogs, catering to agents, real estate investors, and landlords alike.

What Real Estate Blogs Are Worth Your Attention

Nowadays, real estate blogs are at the pinnacle of popularity. The information they contain is accurate, easy to digest, and can be genuinely helpful. These blogs will assist you in learning many new things about the industry and staying well-informed on the latest news and trends.

1. Kyle Handy

This is one of the best real estate blogs to open the listing. Kyle Handy has been in the real estate sector for more than a decade. She has been nominated as one of the Top 15 Real Estate Agents by The San Antonio Business Magazine. The expert is happy to share her experience and wisdom on how to become a successful agent. You will find a lot of blog posts with tips for sales, social media marketing trends, lead generation, efficient ways to grow a successful real estate business, tips on blogging and creating eye-catching videos for property presentations.

2. Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is one of the most followed real estate blogs. It can become your personal coach in everything that concerns the real estate market. Thanks to this well-designed and highly informative blog, a lot of realtors get the recommendation on how to be successful and stand the competition in the market, which is enormous these days. Blog posts are devoted to business planning, time management, and motivation. You will get enough inspiration to set the right goals and build new habits to achieve them as soon as possible.

3. McKissock Learning

McKissock Learning is a well-known sister brand to the popular Real Estate Express school. It has an ultimate reputation as a leader in professional real estate development and continuing education for the following professionals: realtors, surveyors, inspectors, and appraisers. You will appreciate the well-structured and informative content of the blog, which you can easily filter to find the relevant information, news, recommendations, professional advice, and market highlights. The most followed topics are real estate technology, investment, handling real estate business, home-staging, and appraisal insights.

4. Inman

If you are looking for informative real estate blogs, Inman is the best option for you. The blog is considered to be one of the leading sources of information concerning the latest real estate news and trends. You will enjoy reading blog posts on real estate technology, experts’ opinions, journalistic pieces, efficient strategies for growing your own real estate business, and how-tos for different challenging situations, which tend to rise up all the time in the highly competitive market. You will learn how the real estate industry gets impacted by local and international events.

5. blog has two blog platforms. One of them is created for real estate experts, and the other one focuses mainly on sellers and homebuyers. The blog focuses on realtors, and covers the following topics: interesting housing markets, international economic trends, worldwide news, local market insights, etc. You should check a special section, which is dedicated to the luxury housing market. Every post is perfectly written in order to help people navigate the fast-changing real estate market. 

6. The Close

The Close blog really deserves your full attention, as it is considered to be one of the best real estate blogs. It aims to assist real estate agents in upgrading their business and boosting professional skills to the next level. You will find a lot of valuable information and recommendations on the real estate industry in general, marketing, advanced technologies, lead generation, and many other interesting topics. You will find tips on how to choose website builders, how to become a team leader, and the list of the leading real estate schools.

7. Realtors Property Resource

The RPR blog is a reliable resource when it comes to real estate business. You will find all the necessary data for your real estate transaction. It is followed by many professional agents, brokers, or appraisers. You can access the blog content online or by downloading the app. The content mainly includes the following topics: real estate insights, lead generation, marketing and ads tactics, etc.

8. The National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors has an excellent and must-follow blog. You will find the most up-to-date housing statistics and market analysis performed by the experienced team. If you work as a realtor you will find this information very useful, as it permits you to  understand and follow the latest trends in the real estate industry. The most read blog posts are about unemployment, mortgage rates, housing affordability and sales.

9. BiggerPockets

If you are engaged in real estate investing, you should check BiggerPockets blog. You will find a lot of precious recommendations from experienced real estate investors, information on market trends, and worldwide news concerning real estate and investments. 

10. Jason Hartman

If you work as a real estate investor, Jason Hartman’s blog will help you get rich. The blog author is motivated to teach his followers how to achieve success and good profits on real estate investing. You will find advice from the leading experts in the niche, market analysis, and tips on how to become wealthy through property. 

Final Thoughts

Blogs in general have become popular simply because they contain a vast amount of information and advice from experts. We can clearly see it from the best real estate blogs we have described in this article. You should not hesitate even a second to start following them, no matter whether you’re an agent with experience or you just started your journey in the real estate world. We would recommend you to check all of them and subscribe to a few from this list in order to stay always up to date.

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