Top 5 Racing Magazines for Passionate Drivers

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Racing embodies freedom, passion, and pure love for enthusiasts of this exhilarating motorsport. In a true race, only the thrill exists. You relish the roar of your engine, experiencing complete freedom and unity with your car. If you can’t envision life without adrenaline and speed, consider subscribing to the following racing magazines. They offer a plethora of fascinating information related to motorsport, and various sports cars, and, most importantly, they integrate you into a global community of passionate racers, brimming with courage and lifelong camaraderie.

Racing is a fearless sport, which aims to push racers and their vehicles to the maximum limit. It is so fascinating to see sports cars on the race track, and feel their motivation to arrive first and get the prize you have been dreaming about for so long.  

Top 5 Racing Magazines: Polish Your Skills

So if you want to join the community worldwide, despite your current level, you should check out the following top 5 racing magazines. They will help you stand the competition in the world of racing.

  1. F1 Racing

F1 Racing is one of the best motorsport magazines you can find. It’s a perfect match for all fans of the popular F1 competition worldwide. It’s the ultimate publication to keep you entertained and well-informed year-round. Each issue contains in-depth racing reports and flashbacks to the most dramatic and happy moments of racing seasons. Readers appreciate having access to the latest racing news, developments from the F1 world community, and professional tips for beginner racers. You can get a monthly subscription to test the magazine and gain full access to information about behind-the-scenes, engineering details of your favorite cars, race car reviews, and detailed interviews with the most talented drivers in the world. Additionally, you will find entertaining content such as rumors and gossip from the world of F1.

  1. Motor Sport

Motor Sport is another excellent racing magazine that deserves to be included in our list. It shares detailed information about the top sports cars, historic motorsport, modern Formula 1 and MotoGP competitions. Motor Sport magazine has much to offer to passionate racers and drivers. Once you get a subscription, you get access to articles about famous men and women of Formula 1, Grand Prix, and MotoGP. You can find more technical content about engines and teams to boost your knowledge of sports cars and racing. The team that stands behind the Motor Sport magazine consists of true racing enthusiasts, who are always at the front line of worldwide racing news. You will discover impressive photography, diverse features, interviews with racing legends, etc. The Motor Sport magazine was created in 1924, and during the years the team succeeded to maintain a loyal following and positive reputation.   

  1. Autosport

By subscribing to Autosport magazine, you’ll always stay informed about everything happening in the world of racing. We encourage you to get a weekly subscription to ensure you don’t miss anything: the latest news, in-depth analysis, and expert commentary on F1. It’s the perfect magazine for experienced drivers and all passionate about racing competitions. Every issue is packed with profiles of leading drivers, fresh racing reviews, and professional race analysis. You’ll find articles precisely explaining fresh statistics, incidents, and other important issues. So, whether you’re a racing enthusiast, aspiring driver, or simply a Formula 1 fan, it’s a must-read!

  1. Evo

Evo magazine deserves your attention, as it brings the thrill of driving to passionate enthusiasts. Established in 1998, its popularity has only grown since. We recommend subscribing to Evo for full access to news about the fastest and latest supercar models. Each issue features detailed reviews and professional advice to enhance your driving skills. With an impressive size of 180 colorful pages, the visual content is both captivating and inspiring. Readers enjoy current racing news, expert columns from leading racers, comparisons of top supercars and essential accessories, buying guides, second-hand models, and more. Dive into the world of the fastest cars and join the global racing community with Evo!

  1. Fast Car

Fast Car magazine is for people who are curious about the most technologically powerful motors that are being produced these days. You will read a lot about the latest developments in the racing field. The magazine offers a subscription to stay updated all the time. The first issue of this media publication was in 1987, and since then it keeps the leading position on the market. It promotes racing, supercars, and motoring culture worldwide. The magazine has 100+ pages, which are packed with excellent content. 

Magazine NameDescriptionFocus
MotorsportCovers Formula 1, MotoGP, WEC, and moreInternational Racing
Road & TrackFeatures road tests, motorsports coverageGeneral Motorsports
RACERProvides in-depth coverage of motorsportsMotorsports Journalism
AutoweekCovers racing news, car reviewsAutomotive Enthusiasts
SpeedhuntersFocuses on automotive culture, racing eventsCar Culture and Racing


If you’re passionate about racing, motorsport, and supercars, you should not hesitate to get a subscription to described magazines. It is an excellent investment for hardcore motorcar enthusiasts who can’t imagine their lives without speed, adrenaline, and feeling of freedom.

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