Top Law Blogs You Need To Follow To Get Informed

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People whose jobs are connected to the legal system should stay updated with news and developments regularly. It’s the key to honing your skills and excelling in the field. By following the top law blogs, you’ll never miss current events and the latest discussions in your legal practice area.

Our team conducted thorough research before presenting you with the following selection of the leading law blogs. These blogs feature professionally written and well-researched posts from legal experts and professionals with a deep understanding of legal issues. Here are the top law blogs we’ve curated for you.

Top Law Blogs

If you’re interested in the legal system but unsure where to start, the following law blogs offer a plethora of informative articles covering the latest developments affecting all legal professionals. They delve into legal headlines, significant cases, and provide a broad overview of various legal matters. If you aspire to become the best lawyer, start here.

ABA Journal

For those with limited time, the ABA Journal is the top choice. Produced by the American Bar Association, it’s a well-known blog within the legal industry. Did you know that numerous renowned attorneys from leading law firms regularly contribute to over 4,000 law blogs? It’s the perfect platform for up-and-coming legal experts to showcase their skills, provide unique commentary, and offer fresh perspectives. The ABA Journal is a trusted source of information, read by half a million legal professionals. Don’t overlook the legal communities directory section.

Above the Law

If you’re seeking a behind-the-scenes look at the international legal realm, Above the Law is the ideal blog to follow. Here, you’ll relish in the latest legal news and professional commentary on prominent figures in the legal field. It’s the go-to source for insights into legal institutions. The well-crafted articles offer a deeper understanding of crucial legal issues. We highly recommend this law blog to law students, as it offers a wealth of information in the legal career center.


LexBlog proudly boasts over 25,000 contributors, featuring the most brilliant legal minds in the US and across the globe. This law blog’s primary aim is to foster a dynamic environment that highlights insights from the legal industry and showcases its brightest minds. As one of the foremost law blogs, LexBlog covers a wide array of topics, offering news, commentary, and real-time updates.

Whether you’re an aspiring legal blogger looking to get started or an attorney seeking to enhance your social media presence, LexBlog provides a wealth of practical tips. Its contributors represent leading law firms, featuring both rising legal stars and seasoned managing partners.

Legal Mosaic

While there are numerous law blogs covering breaking legal news and controversial topics, if you’re seeking a different perspective, Legal Mosaic is a must-follow. Unlike blogs solely focused on practice insights or headlines, Legal Mosaic takes a broader view of the legal industry. Expect engaging articles on the future of the legal system at both national and global levels, alongside the latest developments in the legal field. With its accessible reading format, it stands out as an invaluable resource for legal professionals, students, and general readers interested in law.

Vanguard Law Magazine

Vanguard Law Magazine provides high-quality content for a global audience. Prominent lawyers from the USA, UK, South America, Canada, Europe, and South Africa offer professional insights into the legal system. Readers can explore a wide array of informative topics, covering legal contracts, compliance, data privacy, intellectual property, and legal issues that transcend national boundaries. These insights are crucial for international cooperation in addressing fraud and cybercrimes. The magazine also highlights talented individuals in the legal industry, featuring LGBT practicing attorneys and empowering women working in the legal field.


Now, you’re well-informed about the law blogs that deserve your time and attention. We’ve showcased the top 5 blogs, each consistently offering up-to-date, pertinent content. Following them will provide you with valuable insights and a well-rounded perspective on crucial legal matters. Every law blog we’ve detailed in this guide delivers comprehensive and professionally written articles that are both informative and practical. With these resources, you can be confident that you won’t miss out on any new developments in the legal industry.

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