Top Jewish Media Outlets to Follow for In-Depth Insights and News Coverage

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We live in a fast-changing world where fake news is not rare. That’s why it’s crucial to follow relevant news through reliable and trustworthy Jewish media outlets. We have selected the best news resources to keep you well-informed on events in Israel, the Middle East, and worldwide. Let’s explore the top Jewish media outlets to follow in 2024

  1. YnetNews

YnetNews is one of the best media outlets, which belongs to the Yedioth Ahronoth Media Group. You must know the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that was created in 1939. It has the reputation of the most popular newspaper for Jewish people. YnetNews was created in 2000, and since then this media outlet provides excellent and always relevant content. Readers can enjoy the English version of the website and have access to interesting and informative articles devoted to the international Jewish community.

  1. Jerusalem Post

The founder of The Jerusalem Post is Gershon Agron. Initially named ‘The Palestinian Post’ until 1950, just after Israel’s official declaration, it’s a premier source for English-speaking readers in Israel and abroad. Start following this comprehensive source for relevant information. The articles encompass details about Israel, the Middle East, and diverse Jewish affairs globally. Utilize this Jewish media outlet to enhance your Hebrew skills, with the option to order content in either Hebrew or English. Stay connected to the global Jewish community and keep abreast of the latest news and affairs.

  1. Haaretz

The literal translation of Haaretz is ‘the Land’. This Jewish media outlet was created in 1918, which makes it one of the oldest publications in Israel, which successfully runs till now. You can   access this publication in a Hebrew and an English version. The English version gets distributed as a separate insert in The New York Times. You will find a lot of political and financial news to always stay up-to-date. It is a reliable source of information. By the way, this newspaper has an affiliation to The Marker, which is an official business/financial representation of news.

  1. Globes

The Globes was launched in 1980. It is a reliable business/financial newspaper, which gets distributed on a daily basis. Almost every citizen of Israel follows it on a regular basis. It is very popular in the elite community. You will find not only financial and business news there. Readers can enjoy the section, which is dedicated to women. Additionally, you will find interesting content on management, law, investment, marketing, technology, accounting, etc. This media outlet is available in English for the Jewish community living abroad. 

  1. Israel Hayom

Israel Hayom was launched in 2007. It is a weekly media outlet with huge popularity. The publication provides relevant news about politics, finance, business, culture and entertainment. Despite certain controversy regarding favoritism to Benjamin Netanyahu, the publication is considered to be one of the best sources of news for Jews in Israel and all around the world. In 2011, readers could get access to the latest news in English for the pleasure of the Jews Diaspora.

  1. Times of Israel

The Times of Israel is a reliable source of fresh news. The media outlet was created in 2012 in Jerusalem by British journalist David Horovitz. Readers will find diverse content that covers news from Israel, the Middle East, and Jewish Diaspora. This publication does not have political leanings. More than 3.5 million people follow Times of Israel and you can become one of them.

  1. Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine is a popular daily magazine. You will enjoy reading articles about Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Thanks to this Jewish media outlet you will always stay updated on the major events in the Jewish community. its blog, The Scroll. The publication has an excellent reputation and has many prestigious awards. 

8. The Times of Israel

An independent news website founded in 2012, The Times of Israel provides comprehensive coverage of events in Israel, the Middle East, and Jewish communities worldwide. It features articles written by a diverse range of contributors, offering readers multiple viewpoints on various issues.

9. Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

As one of the oldest and most respected Jewish news agencies, JTA has been providing global coverage of Jewish news since 1917. It serves as a reliable source for breaking news, analysis, and feature stories relevant to the Jewish community.

10. is a comprehensive online resource for Jewish news, education, and information. It is affiliated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and offers a wealth of articles, videos, and multimedia content on Jewish traditions, holidays, and current events.


Each described Jewish media outlet will provide you with reliable and trustworthy content. Jews in Israel and worldwide can stay informed and connected to their country and Jewish identity. Each publication is unique and has different inclinations. We recommend checking all of them and selecting the ones you prefer to follow regularly. Reading news from various sources offers a broader perspective. If you live abroad and wish to maintain a link with your culture, follow articles featuring recipes of traditional Jewish food and share them with your children. By reading Jewish-related cultural topics, you will enrich yourself and always stay informed.

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