Top Fintech Media Outlets To Stand Out on the Market

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Today, it’s evident that fintech is reshaping the finance landscape, evolving and growing in complexity. Hence, finding reliable sources is crucial to stay abreast of trends, innovations, and developments. Explore our curated list of top fintech media outlets dedicated to covering this dynamic field.

Stay Updated on Fintech News and Trends

Such media publications do not speak about finance in general, but rather focus on the intersection of modern technology and finance. By following these fintech media outlets, you will know the news, experts’ opinions, detailed interviews, events, and much more!


It is one of the leading media outlets that covers finance and fintech subjects. You will find a lot of relevant content on fintech particularly, such as lending, digital banking, cryptocurrency, savings, investment, etc. You will get access to the news from the UK, Europe, and all around the world. You will read professional opinion pieces by industry leaders, which will help you understand the key fintech regulations and industry trends.Do not miss fintech events organized by AltFi and numerous webinars with industry experts. 

The Fintech Times

If you are interested in finance and technology, you should start following The Fintech Times right now. This media outlet was launched in 2016, and since then it is one of the top fintech-related publications in the world. You will find articles on blockchain, regtech, cybersecurity, insurtech, etc. You will never miss fintech news, newsletters, interviews, research, events, and surveys. It is the most complete resource of information with events, webinars and podcasts. Besides being created by Claire Woffenden, Polly Harrison, The Fintech Times teach other women how to become successful in this niche. 

Fintech Futures

Fintech Futures is a well-known and renowned media publication. It was created in 1983 and since then has been serving people who work in finance and technology. The story of this media outlet started in London but now it is one of the leading international online media resources. You will find the latest news, analysis, and insights. Readers can access a wide variety of content in many different formats: articles, video, podcasts, etc. Do you know that Fintech Futures hosts the Banking Tech and Payment Tech Awards? Paul Hindle is the chief editor and he does his job perfectly.

Fintech Finance

Fintech Finance is an excellent fintech magazine that covers the following topics: digital banking, insurtech, blockchain, and payments. You will find tons of news, interviews, tips and features. If you use an online format, you can find a lot of video content and webinars with the top experts of the international fintech world. The content is presented in a fun way for better understanding and catching readers’ attention from the first second. This media outlet shows that even serious and complex subjects can be fun to study.


Finextra is one of the most popular media outlets for fintech news and insights.  The contect covers the following topics: payments, blockchain, open banking, regtech, etc. It was created by Madhvi Mavadiya and Paige McNamee, who work a lot to make their media publication to be one of the best on the market. They never miss out on any trends, events or news concerning fintech! You should join Finextra communities in order to follow worldwide leaders and read their thoughts and professional recommendations. Do not forget to check “FinextraTV” with numerous video interviews. Finextra is proud to have global coverage.


PYMNTS is a respected fintech outlet with global coverage. It provides news, and fresh insights on the latest trends and innovation in the fintech industry. This media outlet was created in 2009, and now it is proud to be one of the most reliable sources of information in the world of fintech. You will learn a lot of new information about digital payments,eCommerce, advanced technology, connected devices, etc. You will enjoy not only articles, but also webinars and podcasts to boost your fintech knowledge and polish professional skills.

Fintech Magazine

Fintech Magazine is the leader in the fintech industry. Each new media publication covers the latest fintech trends, global news, and experts’ opinions, offering insights and reliable analysis to its numerous readers from all around the world. You will enjoy diverse content formats, such as articles, webinars, reports, interviews, podcasts, etc. You will see the subject from different perspectives and have a better understanding on how to stand enormous competition. Fintech Magazine is a perfect media outlet for fintech professionals who would like to know the latest developments and events in the industry.

Top Fintech Media Outlets table

Media OutletWebsiteFocus AreaCoverage Type
Finextrawww.finextra.comBanking, PaymentsNews, Analysis
The Fintech Timeswww.thefintechtimes.comFintech IndustryArticles, Reports
TechCrunch, StartupsNews, Reviews
PaymentsSourcewww.paymentssource.comPayment SolutionsArticles, Events
Fintech Insiderwww.fintechinsidernews.comFinancial InnovationPodcasts, News
American Bankerwww.americanbanker.comBanking SectorAnalysis, Op-Eds
Fintech Zoomwww.fintechzoom.comFintech TrendsNews, Updates
Crowdfund Insiderwww.crowdfundinsider.comInvestment CrowdfundingInterviews, Analysis
Fintech Futureswww.fintechfutures.comFintech IndustryFeatures, Events
PYMNTS.comwww.pymnts.comPayment SolutionsReports, Webinars


Thanks to fintech media outlets, you will always keep up with the latest news, trends, and developments in the fintech industry. Such information is essential if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. By subscribing to specialized media publications you get free access to insights and profound knowledge on the fast-growing industry. It is highly recommended to refresh your skills and listen to experts’ opinions on the fintech market. Find the information that helps you stay up-to-date and successful.

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