Top 8 Informative Architecture Blogs You Should Start Following

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More and more impressive architecture blogs are emerging on the internet, serving as excellent sources of information and inspiration. Whether you’re eager to acquire new knowledge, stay informed about market trends, or simply stay updated on the latest in architecture news, these blogs offer the ideal solution.

Entering the realm of architecture can be a daunting experience, especially for students and young architects who may feel lost and unsure of where to begin. While traditional books and printed magazines provide valuable information and general knowledge, architecture blogs offer a more accessible way to delve into specific topics.

To navigate this intricate field, consider following the top 10 architecture blogs to stay abreast of industry developments. We’ve curated a list of the most widely followed blogs for your convenience. Let’s explore them together.

Architecture blogs table

Blog NameDescriptionFounding YearFrequency of UpdatesNotable Features or Awards
ArchDailyLeading architectural platform featuring articles, projects, and news from around the world.Daily
DezeenInfluential design and architecture magazine offering a diverse range of news, projects, and features.2006DailyMultiple Design Awards
Architectural DigestRenowned publication showcasing luxurious homes, architecture, and design trends.1920MonthlyInternational Design and Architecture Award Winner
DwellMagazine and online platform focusing on modern architecture, design, and living spaces.2000WeeklyMultiple Design and Home Awards
Design MilkDesign blog featuring architecture, interiors, and innovative design across various disciplines.2006Daily
The Architect’s NewspaperSource for news and cultural coverage related to architecture and design.2003Daily
BustlerOnline platform highlighting architecture competitions, events, and news.Weekly
ArchitizerCommunity platform connecting architects, designers, and building product manufacturers.2009Daily
DesignboomInternational design and architecture platform featuring news, projects, and interviews.1999Daily
CurbedSite covering architecture, urbanism, and real estate, with a focus on city living.2004Daily

A Collection of Must-Read Architecture Blogs for Enthusiasts


Every professional architect must have heard about the Dezeen blog. If you are new in this industry, then you should get on the website as soon as possible. Dezeen is one of the best architecture blogs you can ever find. Check it and we guarantee it will become your favorite blog. It is a well-known hub of all things concerning design and architecture. You will get access to the latest news, current jobs, new architecture openings, and unique projects. Do not forget to subscribe to the Dezeen newsletter to get the most popular news that happens all around the world.

Arch Daily

Arch Daily blog is an interesting resource for those professionals who look for the latest competitions in the world of architecture. You can stop checking other websites that focus on the same area specifically, but the Arch Daily blog usually has the most up-to-date and complete information and the needed details. You will enjoy reading various building projects and learning about multiple facts. Anything you want to learn about architecture projects is there, so use it.

The Architect’s Journal

The Architect’s Journal appeals to those professional architects who live in the United Kingdom. In order to get access to all the contect, you will need to get a paid subscription. However, free content is excellent and pretty informative too. If you’re passionate about Architecture awards, this blog is the right choice. You will find a wide range of well-structured categories and unique student projects. Do not forget to check its vast library with tons of building projects, which can be used for self-educational needs.

Visualizing Architecture

The creator of Visualising Architecture is Alex Hogrefe, who is well-known in the world of architecture. You can visit the official website to find an excellent blog. You will enjoy incredible tutorials, portfolio breakdowns, and stunning visual content. The author explains in detail everything starting from Photoshop, architecture management, rendering, and finishing with your post production. You will not find a better resource for architecture students who work hard on creating their unique style, mastering visualization styles, and learn new architecture/design techniques.

30X40 Design Workshop

The creator of the 30X40 Design Workshop blog is Eric Reinholdt. He is happy to share the best tutorial videos for both beginner and experienced architects and designers. It is the right resource that teaches you how to manage creative projects. Make sure you check Eric’s portfolio, which is an awesome source of inspiration. You have to learn from the best and Eric is definitely one of them. 

Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect has been created by a well-known architect, Bob Borson. By following one of the best architect blogs, you will get access to a wide range of blog posts that are 100% relatable and useful for your self-education. Many professional architects and students follow it on a regular basis. Bob runs an interesting podcast “Life of an Architect” that you should check out.

Design Milk

Design Milk is a popular blog, which has even an online shop. You will appreciate its content because the author extracts the top products for architects and designers from all around the world. You will always stay updated with all news that happened worldwide in terms of design. We highly recommend you to subscribe to this interesting blog.


Archinect is a precious gem in the worldwide architecture and design community. The main purpose of this blog is to connect experts and like-minded architects. High-quality content that gets updated regularly will help you create your own style and profile to become known in the world of design and architecture.Besides, if you live in the USA or Canada, you should check out its employment portal.


You should consider following architecture blogs as they can help you learn new things, keep updated with trends, and create your unique style. Niche blogs for designers and architects are excellent because they speak only about things that matter in terms of your profession and passion. You will gain inspiration and confidence to reach the highest goals you get on your career path.

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