Top 10 Most Valuable Antique Magazines You Might Want To Have in Your Collection

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These are some excellent antique magazines that you should keep in your private collection. We are going to see the top media publications that deserve your attention.

Before smartphones and tablets, traditional printed magazines were the source of information and entertainment for many people. It was a way to make time pass faster while waiting at doctor’s offices, long queues, and in the restroom. If you love the world of antique and vintage, you should consider purchasing or subscribing to the following antique magazines that feel like scrapbook fodder. You know the importance of keeping a rare selection of magazines for further selling them on the auctions.

Top 10 Antique Magazines for Your Collection

The most valuable antique magazines are the following:

1. Antique Collecting Magazine

The Antique Collecting magazine deserves to be in your private collection. It has an excellent reputation and many readers from all around the world.  Many collectors and vintage enthusiasts choose this quintessential media publication that originates from the United Kingdom. All the content is written by professional journalists and experts. You will appreciate having invaluable advice and well-structured information on a wide range of vintage, antiques, and decorative objects. It covers everything starting from everyday artifacts, fine art, and rare museum pieces.

2. Art & Antiques Magazine

Art & Antiques Magazine is perfectly tailored to those readers who are passionate in antiques and art. You will learn many things concerning the international art market. Readers appreciate having access to fresh news about the art and antiques world, including the modern business of art, the museum rare pieces, and the most recent discoveries in the art industry.

3. The Magazine Antiques
The Magazine ANTIQUES was created in 1922. During all these years, the magazine has been the top media publication on decorative and fine arts, design architecture, vintage, antiques, and interior design. Readers and collectors from all around the world look for every new issue of this magazine because they know that the content is unique and informative.

Antiques And The Arts Weekly

Antiques and The Arts Weekly was created in 1963. This weekly media publication is considered to be the nation’s leading antique magazine in the USA and worldwide. The content is focused mainly on the antiques and arts, trading, and vintage collections. You can find this magazine in either print and online versions. It provides breaking news and must-know information on the world of art, vintage, and antiques.

5. The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles
The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles is a US social platform and magazine. Many professional dealers, collectors, and passionate enthusiasts of antiques and vintage collectibles have this magazine in their private collections. The magazine was created 20 years ago, and since then it provides the deep knowledge, history, and interesting stories behind the antique objects that people love collecting. The journal is a pure source of inspiration!

6. Antique Toy World Magazine

Antique Toy World is one of the leading media publications for collectors of vintage toys worldwide. The first issue of the magazine was in 1970. It is a monthly magazine that is published in the USA. The founder of the magazine is Dale Kelley, who is an antique expert and a talented publisher. Readers can have access to the auction section where you can buy and sell the toys.

7. Maine Antique Digest Magazine

The Maine Antique Digest was founded by Sam and Sally Pennington in 1973. The magazine has an excellent reputation among antique lovers and continues to be one of the most must-read magazines for those readers who are passionate about the antiques/vintage market, particularly in the USA. Every issue includes detailed reports on shows, the best auctions, and other news from across the USA, Canada, and the UK.

8. Antiques Trade Gazette

Antiques Trade Gazette is a well-known media publication, which is fully dedicated to serving the antiques community in the UK. You will get access to unrivaled news coverage and in-depth analysis. This weekly magazine was created in 1971. Antiques Trade Gazette attracts many readers who are interested in the fascinating world of antiques, art, and vintage.

9. Antique Homes Magazine

Antique Homes Magazine is the right place to find fascinating antique and historic homes, which are available for sale. You will find impressive images and all the needed details about every home, and detailed information about restoration and preservation for old house owner’s.

10. Homes and Antiques Magazine

Homes and Antiques Magazine shares the most fascinating news and decorating ideas. You must have this antique magazine if you are passionate about the world of vintage and antiques. It will be your best guide to make a unique interior for your home.


With antique magazines, you have a unique opportunity to change your lifestyle and the interior design of your house. You will find a lot of inspiring articles, professional advice, and detailed guides on how to use vintage objects for your personal use or for making money. Use these magazines to become the expert in collecting antiques objects that carry the story, history and soul.

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