The Ultimate List of Texas Magazines to Keep You Informed and Inspired 

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When we talk about Texas, everything is huge – including the array of Texas magazines and other media publications. We’ve included the best examples for you to follow in 2024.

Texas is the second-largest state in the USA, with more than 30 million people living there. Numerous interesting things happen, and you should stay updated with the news and trends.

Our Fresh List of Texas Magazines

We have made in-depth research to include the top Texas magazines and other news outlets, as well as lifestyle publications to explore the area to the maximum.

  1. Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly is one of the best media publications covering everything about Texas. It provides engaging reporting on both local and international news. Did you know that Texas Monthly magazine has won numerous awards for its professional and investigative journalism? You won’t find a better source of information on Texas anywhere else! With over 40 years of dedicated work, it yields results to the delight of readers. Its primary topics include politics, food/beverage, travel, outdoor activities, local news, and crime. Texas Monthly also has an online version that offers high-quality content such as videos, photos, podcasts, and stories, making it an excellent outlet to connect with the local Texas community.

  1. Austin American-Statesman

Austin American-Statesman is the main media publication of the capital city of Texas. It covers local, state, national, and even international news with the main focus on Austin. The main covered topics are the following: local news, sports, business, education, entertainment, etc. You will find articles on news for every industry. 

  1. The Dallas Morning News 

The Dallas Morning News, founded in 1885, stands as a prominent media publication in the state. It primarily focuses on in-depth local and regional news and events, earning affection from its readers. This esteemed outlet boasts a stellar national reputation and has been honored with numerous awards, including a Pulitzer Prize. Key topics covered include local state news, business activities, and politics. It serves as an unparalleled hub for business and technology activities, with most business-related stories centered around the corporations headquartered in the local area.

  1. San Antonio Express-News

The San Antonio Express-News is the top Texas magazine that serves the metropolitan area of San Antonio. You will find articles on the following topics: local weather, business activities, politics, education, food, travel, and lifestyle. This media publication speaks not only about traditional news, but it also provides a focus on entertainment, travel, and events that occur in the area.

  1. Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle was created in 1901. Now it is a well-known and respected media publication in Houston. It covers news and events that occur in the Gulf Coast area. You will enjoy reading articles about the following topics: local news, sports, politics, business, weather, culture, food, suburbs, etc. The media outlet permits you to explore the southern area of the state of Texas through national news and stories shared by local inhabitants.

  1. The Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune is a well-known nonprofit media organization that focuses on covering Texas news and politics. The team of investigative journalists knows how to generate data-driven reporting content to attract many readers. The main topics include politics, military justice, foster care, and legislative developments.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram was created in 1906. It is an excellent media outlet that covers the Fort Worth area. You will find interesting content about real estate, sports, education, politics, local news, business, etc. 

  1. Texas Observer 

The Texas Observer is a nonprofit organization that focuses on delivering investigative news on the following topics: politics, culture, environment, housing, education, civil rights, health, labor, and social issues in the state of Texas. You will enjoy reading diverse stories that are accompanied by high-quality multimedia content. 

  1. CultureMap Austin 

CultureMap Austin is a popular online media publication that covers the following topics: arts, lifestyle, culture, design, home, restaurants, real estate, and entertainment events in Austin. You will always stay updated about local events, celebrities, and trends. It is your guide to exploring the cultural scene of Texas.

  1. Texas Highways 

Texas Highways is one of the best travel-related magazines in Texas. You will find a lot of information on history, culture, tourist attractions, local events, and the top scenic destinations you must see. You can access articles about travel, dining, and local events online with eye-catching visual content too.

Final Thoughts

Texas has 5 metropolitan areas within the state. It is home to many professional sports teams and 91 public/private educational institutions. The state of Texas proudly offers a wide range of entertainment and cultural activities that you will not find anywhere else. Explore the area through the best Texas magazines we have selected for you!

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