The Power of the Crowd Marketing: How to Reach the Marketing Success

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In today’s digital bombardment, traditional advertising tactics are becoming less and less effective. People can easily recognize and ignore bumpy promotional content. The more disturbing an ad is, the more likely potential customers will “run away” from it. This creates a challenge for companies – to find new ways to effectively promote their products and services to an increasingly ad-fatigued audience. Crowd marketing, a relatively new concept, has emerged as a powerful tool to achieve these goals.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into crowd marketing, exploring its principles, benefits, examples, and practical steps to implement it for content marketers.

Defining Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is a strategy that includes using social media networks and other similar sites to connect with your target audience. In other words, it means attracting a target audience by sharing comments and reviews about using the brand’s products, or services on various online platforms like forums, blogs, and social media. The key is that these comments come from real customers, not officially from the company itself.

When done right, crowd marketing can quickly go viral as real users and fans share their experiences organically. For example, Quora users leave truthful reviews of a product that thousands have massively upvoted and seen. The key is finding communities and discussion platforms where your target audience is looking for the information. 

For example, a cosmetics brand would want to get mentions on Facebook beauty groups, while a vegan product company would aim for mentions on healthy food blogs.

Why Crowd Marketing Works

Crowd marketing’s effectiveness stems from several key factors:

1. Trust and Authenticity

Unlike traditional marketing methods, which often rely on paid advertising and mass outreach, crowd marketing taps into the power of genuine connections. When consumers see their peers recommending or using a product, they are more likely to trust the brand and consider purchasing its offerings.

2. SEO Boost

Crowd marketing also helps you obtain backlinks to your website, which is highly valuable for SEO and search engine rankings. Even if some sites will tag such links as “nofollow” to avoid manipulation, backlinks still may give you benefits. If actual users visit your site from social media pages or forums, that activity will still be measured and counted by search algorithms. 

Backlinks also improve external optimization factors and your site’s anchor text variety. Many brands even buy crowd backlinks as part of their digital marketing strategy.

The more crowd backlinks and mentions a company can get, the better chance that some of that content will go viral on social media or forums. This organic reach is incredibly helpful for increasing brand visibility and authority. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Crowd marketing can be a highly cost-effective strategy, especially when compared to traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, and print advertising. By leveraging the reach and influence of individuals within a community, businesses can amplify their message without breaking the bank.

4. Personalized and Targeted Approach

Crowd marketing allows businesses to tailor their messaging to specific audiences, reaching individuals who are genuinely interested in the product or brand. This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of marketing efforts and increases the likelihood of conversions.

5. Community Engagement and Building Relationships

Crowd marketing fosters a sense of community and belonging, encouraging consumers to interact with the brand and connect with one another. These relationships can be leveraged to build brand loyalty and foster long-term customer engagement.

6. Data-Driven Insights

Crowd marketing platforms often provide valuable data and insights into consumer behavior and preferences. This data can be used to adapt and improve marketing strategies and optimize campaigns for better results.

What makes people share

To sell your products better, you need to understand consumer psychology.

Check out six principles of the popular products and ideas:

Principle #1. Social currency. 

If you want to motivate people to share information about your product, describe your products and services in a way that makes it feel exclusive, and showcase it.

Principle #2. Triggers. 

The more often your product or idea appears in people’s heads, the more they talk about it. It’s important to trigger discussion.

Principle #3. Emotions. 

Create messages that will resonate with your audience on an emotional level, and they’ll be more likely to discuss or share them.

Principle #4. Public. 

It’s important to demonstrate your products to your audience. The more often you show them, the more likely they’ll become popular.

Principle #5. Practical value. 

People like to be useful. If you can prove that your product will improve lives or save people’s time and money, then people will share your product thinking that they help others.

Principle #6. Stories. 

People don’t just share information, they tell stories. Engage your audience by sharing information with stories.

Follow these easy principles to improve the efficacy of your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

Harnessing the Power of Crowd Marketing for Your Business

Crowd marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It is an innovative promotional strategy that leverages social media platforms and online communities to spread brand awareness organically. However, implementing a successful crowd-marketing campaign needs detailed planning and execution across several important steps. 

Here are some tips for implementing successful crowd-marketing campaigns:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Understand who your ideal customers are, their interests, and their online behavior. This will help you find the right platforms, tailor your messaging, and target your campaigns effectively.

2. Offer a high-quality product or service and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

To get the most out of WOM marketing activities, let your products speak for themselves. Provide people with the highest quality product or service. 

And remember, the modern market is drowning in new products, which makes it difficult to impress prospects. Consider the unique experience you can offer. If they are interested in your product, they will probably want to tell others about it.

3. Choose the Right Platforms

Find out the online communities and platforms where your target audience is most active and engaged. This could include social media platforms, forums, online communities, or influencer networks.

4. Foster Authentic Relationships

Build genuine connections with your audience, responding to comments, questions, and feedback promptly and thoughtfully. Avoid overly promotional messaging and focus on providing value and building trust.

5. Encourage User-Generated Content

Invite your audience to share their experiences, reviews, or creative content related to your brand or product. This user-generated content can be highly valuable for marketing and customer engagement.

6 Create a referral program

This is another method to encourage your audience and offer them real benefits. Customers share information about you with their friends, and their friends buy your product and be rewarded for it. This approach allows you to target satisfied customers. Also, referral programs evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions.

7 Cooperate with opinion leaders

By collaborating with opinion leaders with similar values and target audiences, you can deliver a message and gain loyal customers. If your budget is limited, look for micro and nano-influencers. They may have fewer subscribers, but they’re more loyal and sometimes more cost-effective than influencers with over a million followers.

8. Use Data and Analytics

Track the performance of your crowd marketing campaigns and analyze the data to discover what’s working and what’s not. Use this data to improve your strategies and optimize your efforts.

Examples of Successful Crowd Marketing Campaigns

A lot of businesses have successfully implemented crowd-marketing strategies to achieve their marketing goals. Here are a few worthy examples:


Lego is a very creative company. This toy company is responsible for probably one of the best examples of existing crowd-marketing activities. The company allows users to design new constructors, and at the same time, test the demand. Any user can submit a design that other clients can vote for.

Their business model is simple: any customer can provide a product design, which other customers will be able to vote for.

When a submission reaches 10,000 votes, it gets a formal stage-gate review, and if it’s technically possible, it moves into production. The author receives a 1% royalty on the net revenue.


GoPro, a company known for its action cameras, harnessed the power of user-generated content to revolutionize its marketing approach. The company encouraged its customers to share their GoPro footage on social media, creating a vast library of authentic and engaging content that resonated with potential buyers.

Samsung Galaxy S7

To promote its Galaxy S7 smartphone, Samsung launched a crowdsourced photography campaign on Instagram. Participants were invited to capture their best images using the phone’s camera, and the winning entries were featured in a global advertising campaign.


In 2012, NASA ran into a proposed budget reduction of $226 million jeopardizing the launch of a Mars orbiter in 2016 and two rovers in 2018. Rather than shelving the project, NASA applied social media magic to seek assistance in designing shrewd technology – on the cheap.

They received around 400 responses. Whether the results were used is yet to be determined; however, the point of the exercise is valid. Even such complicated projects like NASA may be engaged by a crowd.


Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign challenged traditional beauty standards and embraced diversity by showcasing real women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The campaign resonated with consumers and helped Dove shift its brand perception, becoming a champion for body positivity and self-acceptance.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s disruptive marketing campaign featured short, humorous videos that directly addressed consumer pain points and offered a more affordable alternative to traditional shaving subscriptions. The campaign went viral and propelled Dollar Shave Club to become a major competitor in the shaving industry.

Final Words

Crowd marketing offers a unique and powerful approach to connecting with your target audience, building brand awareness, and driving sales. It is also one of the most effective techniques of advertising and viral traffic generation, but its potential is often underestimated. 

How can you get it? Provide high-quality products, services, and perfect customer support, make communication with customers a priority, and engage them to share their reviews.

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