Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel on Breaking PR Stereotypes, Supporting Ukraine, and the Power of Women in the Industry

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Welcome to a new series at PRNEWS.IO, where we spotlight extraordinary women shaping the PR landscape. As women’s roles in PR rise, join us as we delve into the insights and experiences of these trailblazers who are leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Get ready to be inspired by their stories of resilience, innovation, and empowerment.

Women in PR: Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel’s Unique Voice and Leadership

Today, we’re diving into the vibrant world of PR and events with a trailblazer who’s been turning heads and making waves in the industry – Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel, the CEO & Art director of Piece of Cake. From creating unforgettable brand experiences to spearheading charitable projects, Tatyana wears many hats. We’ll be unraveling the threads of her career, discovering the motivation behind Piece of Cake’s impactful initiatives, and exploring the unique strengths she believes women bring to the PR game.

So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and let’s peel back the curtain on the life and insights of a woman who’s not just building brands but also paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic PR industry. This is not your typical PR story – it’s a tale of passion, purpose, and the undeniable strength of women in the business world.

More than a Story: Q&A with Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel

PRNEWS.IO: What inspired you to create a branding and events agency, and what difficulties did you face in starting your business?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: In 2011, the RGB IDEA GROUP agency was born in Ukraine, and now our team consists of like-minded individuals who are passionate and resilient. 

In 2022, part of our team and I moved to America. Today, we have launched our second creative offspring, Piece of Cake, a creative assistant for brands. Our mission: Create easily.  New. Now.

This name has its own story. I always teach my clients how to create catchy, memorable naming because it speaks to the authenticity of a brand. It will be mentioned when you’re handed an award on stage in front of a million people, it’s how people will first get to know you and form their first impression. And believe me, there won’t be a second chance. I have a particular fondness for American idioms, which are an integral part of understanding the cultural and linguistic code of a country. ‘Piece of cake’ was the first idiom I encountered, which Americans understand as ‘easy peasy’ or ‘a sweet deal’. 

It’s no secret that America is a big pie, and everyone will get their piece. My mission as a creator is to show that creating is easier than it seems. 

As for difficulties, they are only in our head. In America, you encounter different ways of thinking, faster decision-making, language barriers, and understanding the pillars of the creative industry here. But this also provides a huge impulse. Understanding what you do, registering a company, monitoring the competitive market, clearly understanding your audience needs, learning from your competitors’ successful actions and replicating them, and loving what you do and doing it well are all important.

PRNEWS.IO: What has been your journey to building a successful career in the events and branding industry?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel:  The path is always unknown. Your desire and end goal are your navigators. Stops and surprises are your growth points. So, as you assemble your thoughts like a puzzle, the journey becomes increasingly interesting. 

When I conduct interviews, I always ask one important question: What do you love to do? I always get elaborate answers to the question of what you can do, but it’s the question of what you love to do that many falter on. My strategy is to identify what a person loves to do and amplify it. Therefore, the first and most important point: I do what I love. It’s very important not to be a jack-of-all-trades and to do everything. 

As a person, I have a position: I choose, I don’t have to. As a leader, my position is to develop talents and invest in them. They should be passionate but not burn out. Branding and visual aesthetics are about choosing beauty around you. An event is a ‘personal meeting’ with a brand. It reflects the brand’s authenticity and taste. I like to create stories, which is the key to success.

PRNEWS.IO: Can you share some key lessons you’ve learned over your career that could be useful for aspiring professionals?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel:  Ideas are worthless. Everything has already been created. That’s why you need to feel like an artist. Add vision, create your own. Don’t be afraid of artificial intelligence; see it as your partner and assistant. Remember, if you are rejected, you will be rejected again, maybe even a hundred times. Keep knocking. Your door will eventually open. 

Remember about authenticity and your individuality. You can wear different hats, but your individuality cannot be lost. It’s the only thing that can be copied but not replicated exactly. Humility cannot be monetized. The future belongs to those who are confident and bold. Don’t betray yourself. Even if everyone around says, “It’s too much, no one will buy it, it won’t work.” Do it. Your faith and intuition will not let you down. 

Train your eye. Travel. Look around, observe details. Think about why the artist sees it this way and what you see in it. Package every idea with meaning. Don’t sell your services for a price, sell value, and the price will exceed your expectations. Energy. Your energy decides everything and breaks all stereotypes. Find successful cases. Study their path and actions. Repeat them.

PRNEWS.IO: RGB Idea Group and Piece of Cake actively participate in charitable projects supporting Ukraine. Could you tell us more about the motivation behind these initiatives and their impact?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: Let’s start with something important: social position, both personal and team-based. Today, every Ukrainian bears immense social responsibility. Entrepreneurs must think five steps ahead and understand that the country needs to be rebuilt, the economy boosted, and work on people’s mental health. That’s why the social mission of every business is to donate, organize charity evenings and auctions, talk about the importance of donations, and create projects that give hope and faith in a bright future, and work with emotional burnout and disappointment.

PRNEWS.IO: In your opinion, how can business, especially in the PR and events industry, make a positive contribution to social causes and have a significant impact?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: What came first, the chicken or the egg? My answer: PR. PR, and events, as a part of the PR strategy, are direct and most important tools for raising any social issue. I am very happy that specialists and experts in this industry are emerging in the market now. Ten years ago, strategies were created randomly. Now our task is to generate and highlight important information. We are currently in a time of emotional disappointment, and the strategy we choose in our social position will directly influence the dynamics of the situation. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

PRNEWS.IO: As a woman in a leadership position in PR, what advice would you give to other women aspiring to build a successful career in this field?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: Find your expression. Your path to it. Understand that fear is a resource. Every story has a beginning and an end. And if one chapter ends, another is inevitably written by you. Remember the power of personal branding. It’s built on several pillars: your projects, your energy, your reputation, and you. What you radiate, you receive. In short and on the main point.

PRNEWS.IO: In your experience, what strengths do women bring to the PR field that might differentiate their approach or contribution?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: Women are energy and strength. Women have well-developed empathy. We intuitively feel what the market needs, which meanings are important to convey, and we possess an exceptional elegance in seeing the beauty of this world. Women are inherently flexible-minded and capable of multitasking. That’s why we are so comfortable in the PR field and feel like a fish in water.

PRNEWS.IO: Have you ever faced discrimination or bias in your professional life because of your gender, and how have you dealt with such situations?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: To answer this question, you first need to understand the following: do you allow discrimination in your reality? How confident are you in your expertise? Do you have enough to set your boundaries and take leading positions in the industry in any situation? I can say this: men love to dominate, but they also admire the intelligence and vision of women. Just always remember your feminine weakness and use it as strength

Now I’m building my business in America. In two years, I’ve only received admiring looks and confirmations that I’m in my place.

PRNEWS.IO: On the other hand, have there been instances where being a woman provided unique advantages or perspectives in your career?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: Yes, there are many examples in my life where women have opened doors to new opportunities. I admire women leaders for their integrity and humanity. Notably, their humanity. For example, women who achieve results in business often turn to charity, understanding their role, mission, and social position. This is admirable.

PRNEWS.IO: How do you personally define success, and what advice would you give to others seeking a harmonious balance in their life and career?

Tetiana Bohoslavska-Orel: Success is your state of mind. When expectations exceed reality. Balance is the foundation of success. Otherwise, sooner or later, you will not be burning bright, but burning out. It’s essential to maintain this state and invest in it as a resource. 

Give yourself affirmations and claim your victories. If you linger at the peak of success, in euphoria and pride, it’s a halt. Someone has already moved on. But here’s the strategy: you can roll back, or you can move forward even faster..

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