Top Informative Recycling Magazines To Know All Industry Updates

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If you are interested in recycling, you want to know all the updates in the industry. However, it can be difficult to find informative media resources. Whether you are conscious about recycling or it is your profession, the following recycling media publications will allow you to see how the US and many other countries around the world work on recycling issues to boost their economies and make a positive impact on the environment.

Follow The Latest Recycling News Through the Media Publications 

We have prepared a list of the top recycling magazines. You will find a lot of information on industry trends, prices, and advanced technologies. They are perfect for learning about recycling.

  1. American Recycler

American Recycler magazine shares updates and news on recycling industry trends on a regular basis. The content is mainly focused on diverse organic solutions. Readers will find many articles about unique features for those environmentally conscious individuals who are looking for ways to get further into recycling. You will find expert advice on the most efficient recycling machines and tools to use. American Recycler gives you an idea of how recycling will evolve in the near future.

  1. Let’s Recycle

Let’s Recycle is a reliable and popular UK-based recycling media publication that covers all essential recyclable items, such as waste, glass, metal, paper, textiles, etc. It is interesting to find out how things are recycled in the UK and after being traded between the EU and the United States. This is an excellent publication to learn more about the recycling industry worldwide. Let’s Recycle participates in an EU initiative known as Zero Waste. If you are curious to know how the international recycling market functions, it is the right source of information.

  1. Waste Dive

Waste Dive focuses on covering general news for the international recycling industry. A highly experienced team does an excellent job of providing high-quality content. Their content is informative, interesting, and engaging. You will understand all the insights without being a recycling industry expert. Waste Dive covers fresh news, plastics recycling, and waste recycling initiatives. After the period of COVID-19, Waste Dive has reported a lot on medical waste, which is an overlooked kind of recycling. You will discover that many recycling companies can’t accept medical waste of this kind, so they work hard to explore the need for legislation on common medical waste.

  1. Scrap Metal Forum

Scrap Metal Forum is a well-known forum of enthusiasts who deal with recycling scrap metal. By participating in these forum discussions, you will learn a lot about pricing for recycling scrap metal, efficient tools of the trade, and the metal scrapping profession. This forum has a lot of members across the US and all around the world. Do not miss the handy tutorials on how to prepare scrap metal for maximum profit.

  1. Resource Recycling

Resource Recycling is one of the best sources for getting the latest recycling news worldwide. This media publication shares a wide range of recycling-related topics and handy information outside the recycling industry. The publication will be interesting for enthusiasts and business owners. You can get the print editions, which include exciting stories and coverage of the recycling industry. The magazine discusses scrap metal trading, plastics recycling, and shares e-waste news. If you’re a recycling investor, this media publication can be the best source of information.

  1. Scrap Register

Scrap Register shares an up-to-date pricing index for scrap metal trading. The information gets updated on a daily basis. You will find all the needed resources for efficient scrap metal recycling. The digital version of the magazine shares interesting offers for people who would like to get rid of their own old scrap metal.

  1. Recycling Today

Recycling Today is the most informative source about recycling news. This media publication covers national, international, and local recycling trends, changes, and innovations. The publication is at the heartbeat of the recycling industry and offers a lot of efficient tools that are built into the website to assist recyclers and traders. You will enjoy having this media publication that provides insight for gaining a better understanding of the recycling industry and its future.

Recycling Magazines Table

Here’s a table showcasing different ways to recycle magazines:

ProjectDescriptionMaterials Needed
Decorative DecoupageDecorate objects like furniture, picture frames, or walls by adhering cut-out images or patterns from magazines.– Old magazines
– Decoupage glue or Mod Podge
– Foam brushes
– Clear acrylic sealer (optional)
Origami ArtworkFold intricate origami designs using the glossy pages of magazines, creating decorative pieces or sculptures.– Old magazines
– Origami folding instructions (optional)
Handmade JewelryCreate unique jewelry pieces by rolling, weaving, or cutting out shapes from magazine pages.– Old magazines
– Jewelry findings (jump rings, clasps, etc.)
– Jewelry pliers
– Jewelry glue or clear nail polish
Magazine Baskets and BowlsRoll and coil magazine pages to form sturdy containers or vessels for storage or decoration.– Old magazines
– Glue or tape
– Scissors
Customized BookmarksCut out interesting images, quotes, or patterns from magazines and laminate them to create personalized bookmarks.– Old magazines
– Laminating pouches
– Laminator or self-sealing laminating sheets
Wall ArtCreate collages, mosaics, or framed artwork by arranging and adhering cut-out magazine pieces on a canvas or board.– Old magazines
– Canvas or sturdy board
– Glue or Mod Podge
– Picture frame (optional)
Greeting CardsRepurpose magazine pages and images to design unique greeting cards for various occasions.– Old magazines
– Card stock or blank cards
– Glue or double-sided tape
Magazine Bead NecklacesRoll magazine pages into beads and string them together to create colorful and eye-catching necklaces.– Old magazines
– Jewelry cord or string
– Glue or clear nail polish


We live in a world where more and more people are becoming increasingly conscious. They want to know everything about sustainability, recycling, and sorting scrap metal, glass, plastic, and other materials. You will enjoy reading all the recycling magazines we have mentioned in this article. The information you will find will help you become a more environmentally-conscious individual.

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