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Public relations Minnesota agencies are presented in a wide variety. Most of them demonstrate excellent results and have positive reviews online. So, it is not easy to choose the right one for your next public relations campaign. We have reviewed the most trusted agencies to help you make the right choice and have a positive experience at the end of the launched PR campaign. Let’s see the leading agencies below:


Broadhead|HMH is an excellent public relations, advertising, and media communications agency. Its work is fully dedicated to brands within the transportation industry. The agency has many clients who are leaders in electric systems, transport, safety systems, vehicles, technologies, and infrastructure. You can order the following services: brand strategy, video production, media relations, public relations, copywriting, SMM, and SEO. 

Ostrom Creative

Ostrom Creative has a very talented and creative team of employees. It is nationally recognized as one of the best public relations and marketing agencies. The headquarters is based in Minnesota. Ostrom Creative is the right agency to delegate your next PR campaign. Each member of the team has vast experience to exceed your expectations in terms of strategy, planning, designing, and managing the most challenging PR campaigns.


Padilla is a well-known public relations and media communication agency in Minnesota and all across the US. The main focus is to help brands to build reputation, boost sales, and improve online presence. Padilla will work on your brand image, which will be recognized worldwide. The team demonstrates stunning results thanks to creating the right connections with the people by means of PR, advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, investor relations, and branding. 

Brand Experience

Brand Experience is a reliable brand development and public relations agency in Minnesota. It cooperated with the best brands and emerging talents. The main focus is on international public relations. You can order a PR campaign and be sure to see positive results fast enough. The team deals with many different industries. It is the right investment for your business growth, especially if you want to reach worldwide recognition. 

Hail Mary PR

Hail Mary PR is a team of experienced public relations professionals. It demonstrates excellent results and has won trust of clients from Minnesota and nationwide. Its unique approach of combining traditional public relations methods with creativity helps capture the leading headlines, tell unique brand stories, and drive fast-seen results. Start the cooperation and connect your brand to the target audience.   

The BCPR Group

The BCPR Group is a well-known public relations agency, which is located in Minnesota. The company partners with a lot of different local and national organizations in terms of public relations strategy, marketing communication, media relations support, and social media marketing. 


Tunheim does a great job helping clients with their public relations campaigns. Thanks to their unique approach, you will have a clear understanding on how to attract new clients, business partners, and investors. Their PR campaigns will help your business to adapt to fast-changing markets and trends. Cooperation with Tunheim will impact your business positively. 

Beehive Strategic Communication

Beehive Strategic Communication is known for its powerful way of using media and marketing communication. The team helps businesses to grow and achieve stunning results. The team consists of talented and energized experts who have business culture and deliver innovative insights, smart strategies, and meaningful business connections.

Carmichael Lynch Relate

Carmichael Lynch Relate is a known public relations firm with many clients from the Minnesota area. The company was created 30 years ago. Each member of the team has gained vast experience to meet the demands of clients and a fast-changing business world. Their PR campaigns are based on in-depth research, well-structured strategy, planning, and creative ideas. It is not surprising that Forbes has recognized Carmichael Lynch Relate as one of America’s Best PR Agencies.

Roepke Public Relations

Roepke Public Relations is an excellent public relations company known not only in Minnesota but all around the world. The main focus is on media relations. Roepke is able to deliver your message to the target audience by means of print, broadcast, or online media. The team has vast experience and numerous media contacts, so all clients can benefit from such a cooperation. 

Bellmont Partners

Bellmont Partners provides effective public relations and marketing communications services. Clients love its straightforward and creative approach, which permits to gain amazing and fast-seen results. A highly experienced team does everything possible to deliver a full-scale public relations and media communications services to improve your brand recognition.

Goff Public

Goff Public is one of the best public relations and media communications agencies with the headquarters in Minnesota. The team offers high-quality public relations, marketing communications, and government relations services. The team is experienced and creative employees demonstrate excellent results. It is the right agency to help you protect your brand reputations. 

Exponent Public Relations

Exponent Public Relations is a known agency, which was recognized as The Agency of the Year by PR Week Awards. The team helps numerous clients succeed in the most creative and remarkable ways. You can order the following services: PR, SMM, Crisis Prevention, Marketing, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Influencer Engagement, Branding, SEO, and Content Marketing.

Rapp Strategies, Inc.

Rapp Strategies can help you empower your vision. It is the right agency to strengthen your brand reputation. Rapp Strategies specializes in the following: Media Communication, Brand Reputation, Crisis Management, PR, Issue Management, Market Assessment, Risk Prevention, and Crisis Assessment.

Schuler Publicity

Schuler Publicity has all the needed experience and media connections you need to make your brand known. All employees are experts in finding the right audience to promote your business. If you want to launch a successful public relations campaign and achieve stunning outcomes, Schuler Publicity is what you need right now.

Horner Strategies, LLC

Horner Strategies, LLC, is a unique approach in public relations and media affairs. The agency was created to help clients achieve success in highly-competitive markets. The creator is Tom Horner, who is a well-known communications expert. Numerous positive feedback is proof that the cooperation with this agency can be beneficial to your brand reputation.

One Simple Plan

One Simple Plan always strives for simplicity and perfection at the same time. The team works very efficiently, making all clients fully satisfied with the cooperation and the final outcome. It is the right place to get assistance in building your brand image, boosting brand recognition, and reaching the target audience. 

LIN Public Relations, Inc.

The LIN Public Relations works hard to help clients create and execute PR outreach campaigns. If you do not have enough time or capacity to handle yourself, the team will do it for you with the guaranteed results. Build and maintain media relationships with ease thanks to the creative and innovative approach of LIN Public Relations.

Lilja Communications

Lilja Communications was created in 1988. It is a small but very efficient PR agency, which is fully committed to public relations and positive impact on the environment. The team will help you understand the market, reach the target audience, and enhance your brand sustainability.

Lola Red

Lola Red is a creative PR agency for the digital age specializing in public and media relations, social media and influencer marketing. The agency has made a name for itself locally, nationally and internationally as a leader in wellness, food and beverage, franchise and technology strategic communications. Clients often express working with Lola Red is “the best decision I’ve ever made” and “no one is a better partner in growth and smashing goals.” Lola Red stands apart from the crowd

Karwoski & Courage

Karwoski & Courage does not work as a traditional public relations agency. It provides a wide range of diverse services to achieve the best results and make each and every client happy with the outcome. Karwoski & Courage always delivers measurable and fast-seen results. In terms of public relations and media communications, you can fully rely on its team.

Kohnstamm Communications

It is a full-service public relations firm. You can order the following services: PR, brand strategy, influencer marketing, SMM, crisis management, marketing development, and media relations. The team cooperates with different known companies across the USA and even worldwide. 

Media Relations Inc.

Media Relations, Inc. is a reliable PR agency that mainly specializes in creating brand stories. The team has more than 25 years of experience. You will not find a better agency to generate unique content and make it reach the right audience. 

PRP Group

PRP Group is a premier PR, digital marketing and media communications agency serving the higher education markets in the USA. The team has more than 20 years, so it is enough to launch a successful PR campaign and make clients have a positive experience. The agency is the winner of several awards and has one of the highest ratings in Minnesota.

Creatis, Inc.

Creatis is a creative PR agency in Minnesota. It will make your brand image known locally and nationally. You can order high-quality creative services in public relations, advertising, media communications and digital marketing. The team is experienced enough to offer smart solutions that bring positive results to your brand recognition.

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