PRNEWS.IO Nominated for 2023 Go Global Awards, Celebrating International Success

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Go Global Awards, 2022 Edition, in Tallinn, Estonia

PRNEWS.IO, the leading platform for sponsored content in Europe, is thrilled to announce its nomination for the prestigious 2023 Go Global Awards. Organized by the International Trade Council (ITC), the event celebrates businesses of all sizes that have achieved outstanding success in international markets or garnered significant investor and media interest.

This nomination follows PRNEWS.IO’s remarkable achievement last year when the platform was honored as a winner in the Marketing and PR category during the awards ceremony, in Estonia. The company’s commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and global expansion has solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

The Go Global Awards and Their Importance

The Go Global Awards program serves as a platform to acknowledge and honor businesses that are driving the global economy forward through their innovations, technologies, and strategies. It brings together hundreds of senior executives from leading manufacturers, re-manufacturers, and exporters, along with representatives from government bodies, trade associations, venture capital firms, and financial institutions.

The awards program not only recognizes outstanding achievements but also aims to encourage collaboration, idea sharing, and partnership building. The program helps participants expand their networks, explore new market opportunities, and strengthen their existing knowledge and connections.

Founder of PRNEWS.IO and a member of the Forbes Business Council, Alexander Storozhuk expressed gratitude for the nomination, saying, “We are thrilled and honored to be nominated for the 2023 Go Global Awards. This nomination is a testament to our team’s hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge media placement and press release distribution services globally. It’s a recognition of our success in penetrating international markets and our continuous efforts to innovate and meet the evolving needs of our clients”.

The Evaluation Process and Live Event

The submissions to participate in the Go Global Awards were carefully evaluated by a panel of industry experts, who selected the shortlisted companies on the 15th of July 2023. The selected companies, amongst which is PRNEWS.IO, were then invited to attend the live three-day event, which will be held from November 6 to 8 in Rhode Island, in the United States.

The 2023 edition, organized in partnership with Rhode Island Commerce, offers an exceptional opportunity for nominated businesses to showcase their achievements and connect with global business leaders, government officials, and potential investors.

Benefits for Nominated Companies

The Go Global Awards provide numerous benefits for nominated companies, including the opportunity to elevate their brand and expand their network. The extensive network of the International Trade Council, spanning more than 176 countries and over 418 professional organizations worldwide, opens doors to unique international platforms for winners.

Moreover, the Go Global Awards facilitate access to potential investors, partnerships, and market opportunities. The event brings together key stakeholders, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and business growth. By being nominated, PRNEWS.IO joins a select group of top international businesses that are driving the global economy forward.


PRNEWS.IO facilitates the seamless sharing of news and stories between companies and journalists, bloggers, and media outlets worldwide. Through its on-demand content marketing platform, businesses can directly purchase spots for their native format articles on over 100,000 reputable news websites across 142 countries, with no hiring process or long-term commitments.

Founded by Ukrainians in Estonia in 2018, PRNEWS.IO operates on a service-as-a-product (SaaP) model, utilizing big data to enable predictable brand communications through media stories. The company is also a service provider of the Estonian government-issued digital identity and status program called e-Residency.

PRNEWS.IO was honored as a winner in the Marketing and PR category at the Go Global Awards last year, solidifying its position as a trusted industry leader.

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