PRNEWS.IO joins ‘Google for Startups Cloud Program’ to drive AI in digital communications

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Alex Nigmatulin, board member, and Alexander Storozhuk, founder of PRNEWS.IO

As Google approaches its 25th anniversary in 2023 (on September 7), the tech giant continues to innovate with new tools and groundbreaking technologies. Among its celebratory milestones, the Google for Startups Cloud Program marks its one-year anniversary, having been launched a year ago to provide startups with the essential resources to kickstart their journey on Google Cloud. Over the past year, the program has witnessed the influx of several promising startups as members, solidifying its reputation as a catalyst for success.

Among the growing and promising startups joining the Google for Startups Cloud Program is PRNEWS.IO, the leading platform for sponsored content in Europe, based in Estonia, the world’s most digital nation. The partnership with Google aligns perfectly with PRNEWS.IO’s AI expertise, and its dedication to propel itself further into the forefront of innovation.

Exploring the potential of big data, AI-driven text generation, and predictive communications, PRNEWS.IO empowers media planners to optimize audience metrics on news sites and, in turn, monetize media. In 2022, the platform paid $1.815 million to media outlets for brand-related content, bringing the total media fees since its inception to $9.75 million. Impressively, the platform recorded 2.2 million visitors from 96 countries in the beginning of 2022.

Google’s official announcement highlights the program’s purpose: “The Startup Program is designed to match your startup’s stage of growth, providing product and program engagement. We’re committed to helping you build a sustainable, successful business over the long term, and our goal is to provide you with the support, services, and technology to do so.”

Founder of PRNEWS.IO and member of the Forbes Business Council, Alexander Storozhuk shared his thoughts on this achievement: “Not many platforms like ours are granted the privilege by Google Cloud. As we venture into AI-driven technology development, being part of the Google for Startups Cloud Program is a game-changer. We aim to leverage all the program’s benefits to accelerate our mission of connecting businesses with their audiences worldwide and delivering even more impactful media placement solutions.”

Celebrating User Success: Industry Insights

Tetyana Bogoslavska-Orel, co-founder and creative director at the brand and event agency RGB IDEA GROUP, highlights her experience using the PRNEWS.IO platform: “It is important in PR to choose the right place for distributing content. Creating a list of such niche sites can take quite a lot of time. It is for such cases that the PRNEWS.IO directory exists, as it contains a list of media resources from various industries and regions, which allows you to quickly find niche media for publishing materials”.

PRNEWS.IO facilitates seamless sharing of news and stories between companies and journalists, bloggers, and media outlets worldwide. Through its on-demand content marketing platform, businesses can directly purchase spots for their native format articles on over 100,000 reputable news websites across 198 countries, with no hiring process or long-term commitments.

Founded by Ukrainians in Estonia in 2018, PRNEWS.IO operates on a service-as-a-product (SaaP) model, utilizing big data to enable predictable brand communications through media stories. The company is also a service provider of the Estonian government-issued digital identity and status program called e-Residency. PRNEWS.IO was honored as a winner in the Marketing and PR category at the Go Global Awards presented by the International Trade Council.

Advantages for Brands and Startups

The Google for Startups Cloud Program grants access to an array of invaluable resources, including Google Cloud credits, comprehensive training, technical and business support, and a wide range of offerings that propel businesses to new heights. Additionally, the program extends specific benefits tailored for Artificial Intelligence and Web3 development.

Through this initiative, startups can leverage Google Cloud’s sustainable, secure, scalable, open and developer-friendly cloud infrastructure. By utilizing Google Cloud services, projects can conduct on-demand analysis of on-chain data and encrypt data while it is processed in real-time, enhancing security and efficiency. For a comprehensive list of benefits and further details, visit the Google for Startups Cloud Program official website.

The Program offers two program tiers: Start and Scale, catering to eligible startups. Program applications undergo review and approval, with eligibility criteria outlined on the program’s website.

As the Google for Startups Cloud Program completes its first year, it continues to be a driving force behind the success stories of promising startups like PRNEWS.IO, making it a milestone worth celebrating.

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