PR Challenges and Success with Irma Kacharava – a Deep Dive into International PR and Digital Marketing Strategies

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Explore the world of PR and Digital Marketing with Irma Kacharava. Learn about her career journey, international experiences, and valuable strategies. Discover insights on measuring success, overcoming challenges, and gaining expert advice for aspiring professionals.

Join us in unveiling the wisdom of a woman shaping the global landscape of PR and Digital Marketing

An Exclusive Chat with Irma Kacharava

International PR and Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Irma Kacharava
  • PRNEWS.IO: What inspired you to pursue a career in PR?

Irma Kacharava: PR is people-oriented. Building brand recognition and trust, Important you must love communications and people, Understanding the target audience is the most is important part of any successful public relations strategy. 

If we talk about if PR is a good career choice? Yes, it is not easy, sometimes it is very stressful. We must take care of the company or individual reputation, but helping others makes me happier and to take individuals or companies to the international level and boost their awareness, from there we can thrive and improve our bottom line while growing other’s businesses.

PRNEWS.IO: Working in different countries, how do you navigate cultural nuances to ensure effective communication in PR and Digital Marketing?

Irma Kacharava: Working internationally, is not easy at all, getting a job in another country allows you to experience different cultures and helps you build cultural awareness.  first of all, need appreciation and respect for the culture in which they’re doing business. that’s the key to working internationally!

PRNEWS.IO: How do you measure the success of PR and Social Media strategies?

Irma Kacharava: Several methods help measure the success of PR and Social media strategies. It depends on What we plan to achieve with our campaign.

Brand awareness/ Interest in a new product/ More related to sales 

It is important to know and set up main goals and keywords, email metrics, website traffic, people reach, or engagement.

PRNEWS.IO: As a woman in the PR industry, have you encountered unique challenges, and how have you overcome them?

Irma Kacharava: COVID-19 made the PR industry different, we all learned to work remotely via Zoom or Google, and phone calls have become more intimate and personal. we are more oriented toward online platforms and online brand awareness but somehow It helps us to follow journalists on social media to be up to date on what they are writing and what interests them. Also, to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the PR and Digital Marketing space.

Irma Kacharava: Navigating PR and Digital Marketing Globally

PRNEWS.IO: How do you approach writing and distributing press releases to targeted media, and what role does it play in your overall PR strategy?

Irma Kacharava: It is important in PR strategy, to know your target audience, and target media because it allows effectively reach and engage your intended audience. 

PRNEWS.IO: What advice do you have for individuals aspiring to enter the field of International PR and Digital Marketing? 

Irma Kacharava: First of all, make sure you know the country’s history, and industries marketing where you would like to work. Knowing their trends and marketing values and of course knowing well each industry and target newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations in every city in the country. 

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