Nourish Your Faith With the Best Catholic Magazines

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Are you seeking Catholic magazines to strengthen your faith? In this article, discover the top publications related to Catholicism and faith-based living. By reading these religious magazines, you can alleviate stress, find new meaning in life, and navigate difficult periods more easily.

The Best Catholic Magazines To Follow

These Catholic magazines are rich in wisdom passed down through generations. Enjoy reading teachings that have endured through time and remain relevant to our modern lives.

Franciscan Spirit

Franciscan Spirit is a must-read for all catholic devotees. It was created in 1911 by the Catholic Press Association of the US and Canada. It is a huge community of more than 26 million Catholic people. This magazine touches souls all around the world. You will not find a more informative Catholic media publication than Franciscan Spirit, so do not hesitate to give it a try.

America Media

America is an online Catholic magazine where religious individuals discuss topics including religion, culture, and politics. It focuses on the Ignatian tradition, guiding readers to find God in all aspects of life. Established in 1909, it provides weekly access to religious information and is the only Catholic magazine updated so frequently. Readers will find engaging conversations on faith, God, and culture, with relevant and easily accessible online content. It attracts influential figures such as popes, presidents, Nobel laureates, and leading scholars.

The Angelus News

The Angelus is a well-known media publication with a lengthy history. It focuses on the Catholic Church in LA and worldwide. Now a multimedia platform with high-quality content, Angelus News aims to inform Catholic men and women about faithful living. This publication will be interesting to read even for non-Catholics. You will discover the religious work done in US schools, hospitals, ministries, and parishes. It shares Catholic events from around the globe to unite people and strengthen their faith.


When FAITH magazine was created, it was devoted exclusively to the Catholic Diocese of Lansing. Today the magazine gets published for 28 dioceses. Additionally, it published materials for a lot of religious communities, organizations, and Catholic educational establishments throughout the country. The main goal of this media publication is to unite religious people and help them find God and his Church. Readers find the design amazing. There is a balance of visual and informative content. The magazine is stunningly designed, with a wonderful balance of meaty text and solid imagery. It will enrich your religious journey. 

Glenmary Challenge

This Catholic magazine aims to educate readers about US home missions, motivate men and women to join the Glenmary priesthood/brotherhood, and invite all faithful Catholics to become financial contributors, coworkers, and volunteers. The Glenmary magazine was created in 1939 by Father William Howard Bishop, a devoted priest known as the “No Priest Land.” He established a specific ministry within the Church, and the magazine assists the organization in fulfilling its mission and informing people.


This Catholic magazine was created in 1913 with the goal of spreading messages to Catholic men and women of all ages on matters of religion, God, faith, Christian living, and social justice. It aims to invite people to convert to Christianity and embrace their faith in Christ. Readers gain access to unique teachings, essential elements of Catholic tradition, and spirituality. The efforts to assist abandoned and impoverished people throughout the country deserve much respect and admiration.


Maryknoll magazine was created in 1907 by the Foreign Mission Society of the US to convey to Catholics the essential needs. Helping people is the primary mission of the Catholic Church in the US. The magazine is published by an NGO and spreads the spiritual message overseas. Solidarity with the poorest and most marginalized people worldwide showcases the beauty of the team and the Catholic Church itself.

The Best Catholic Magazines Table

Magazine NameFocusYear EstablishedDescription
AmericaReligion, Culture, Politics1909Online Catholic magazine rooted in the Ignatian tradition, offering weekly updates on religious topics, attracting influential figures.
The AngelusCatholic Church, LA & GlobalNot specifiedRenowned publication with a rich history focusing on the Catholic Church in LA and worldwide. Offers high-quality multimedia content.
Glenmary MagazineUS Home Missions1939Aims to educate about US home missions, motivate men and women to join the Glenmary priesthood/brotherhood, and invite financial support and volunteers.
Catholic MagazineReligious Teachings1913Created to spread messages to Catholic men and women on matters of religion, God, faith, Christian living, and social justice.
Maryknoll MagazineHumanitarian Work1907Published by the Foreign Mission Society of the US, focusing on conveying essential needs and spreading spiritual messages worldwide.


Catholic magazines work diligently to spread the message of Christ in the USA and worldwide. Being Christian means standing in solidarity with the poor and those in need. Most magazines are run by NGOs and religious organizations, devoid of economic interests. Serving people, helping them find God, navigating difficult periods, and fostering unity are the true interests of Christian individuals. If you seek peace in your heart, mind, and soul, we highly recommend starting to read Catholic magazines. You’ll feel uplifted, discover valuable teaching techniques, and your life will be transformed after encountering Christ and the Church.

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