Top North Carolina PR Agencies to Boost Your Brand Buzz

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North Carolina boasts a vibrant PR scene, teeming with agencies that specialize in crafting compelling narratives and amplifying your brand voice. This guide unveils some of the top PR agencies in North Carolina, each with distinct strengths. From purpose-driven millennial masters to results-oriented strategists, you’ll find the perfect partner to elevate your brand awareness, build trust with your audience, and ultimately, achieve your business goals. Let’s explore the North Carolina PR powerhouses ready to ignite your brand story!

Best PR Agencies in North Carolina  

Publicity For Good

Publicity For Good (PFG) is a millennial-run PR firm shaking things up in the CPG world. Led by award-winning publicist Heather DeSantis, PFG helps purpose-driven health, beauty, and food brands tell their stories, boost ROI, and make a positive impact. From nutpods to True Aussie Beef, PFG gets results for brands with a mission.


The Republik isn’t your average agency. This Raleigh, NC firm is a team of dreamers and strategists who help underdog brands defy expectations. Their motto: “Boldly Go” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a promise to push boundaries and achieve audacious results. If you’re ready to shake things up, The Republik is your crew.

Formation PR + Brand

Formation PR + Brand is a strategic communications agency founded in 2007 by Erica Allison. They specialize in public relations and branding, and their services include crisis management, strategy, brand development, communications planning, web development, and media buying. Their clients typically come from the healthcare, higher education, non-profit, and economic development sectors, and many have partnered with them for over a decade.


Koroberi is a full-service B2B agency specializing in marketing, branding, content, PR, advertising, and digital strategy. Founded in 1999, they work with clients in dynamic industries like automation, robotics, supply chain, and medical devices. Koroberi’s experienced team excels at communicating complex technical messages in impactful, effective campaigns. Their long-standing client relationships, with an average of 10 years, are a testament to their ability to deeply understand their clients and deliver results.

Cloud Rescue

Cloud Rescue is a digital marketing agency that specializes in rescuing clients from the turbulence of online advertising. Their team of experts develops customized strategies for SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and more. By tailoring their services to each client’s unique needs, Cloud Rescue helps businesses reach their goals and soar to new heights of success. With a focus on delivering measurable results, Cloud Rescue guides their clients through the clouds of digital marketing.

Avista PR and Marketing

Avista PR and Marketing delivers PR and digital marketing results that surpass expectations and truly align with client business goals. Unlike traditional firms, Avista matches achievements to priorities, even putting a portion of the client’s investment towards accomplishing customized goals. This results-driven approach ensures clients secure the innovative media coverage, engaging content, and targeted marketing outcomes they need without paying for anything extraneous. Avista’s tailored strategies and performance-based model set them apart in the North Carolina marketing landscape.

G&S Business Communications

G&S Business Communications isn’t your typical agency. They combine research, storytelling, and media expertise to craft impactful communication strategies for innovative companies across various industries. They focus on inspiring action and growth, partnering with purpose-driven clients who are making a positive difference. Expect senior-level attention and agility from this independent, mid-sized firm.

Green Lane Communication

Green Lane Communication specializes in strategic media relations that bring cannabis businesses into the mainstream. With over a decade of experience in publicity and thought leadership, they help cannabis organizations, experts, and industry leaders gain share of voice and build their legacy. Green Lane has secured over 12,300 placements for clients in top-tier publications like Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Marijuana Business Daily. Their targeted approach positions cannabis companies for success through impactful media coverage.

S&A Communications

S&A Communications, a North Carolina-based integrated marketing agency, outshines the competition with strategic solutions across PR, marketing, design, and digital. They take a research-driven approach, tailoring campaigns to each client’s specific needs and target audience. Their focus? Measurable results and real impact on your business.

Darby Communications

Darby Communications is an Asheville-based public relations and digital marketing agency that specializes in serving clients in the outdoor and fitness industries. Through impactful media relations, digital marketing, and social media management, Darby helps their clients gain visibility and connect with their target audiences. With a strategic, results-driven approach, Darby Communications elevates their clients’ brands and drives growth in the competitive outdoor and fitness landscapes.

Rein Communications

Rein Communications provides clients with an unparalleled perspective on strategic messaging and communication. Beyond just defining a strategy or preparing for interviews, Rein ensures clients have a succinct message and the ability to convey it confidently and effectively. By aligning public relations tactics and journalism expertise, Rein Communications helps clients seamlessly prepare for success. Their tailored approach equips businesses with the tools and messaging to thrive in their industries.

Largemouth Communications, Inc.

Largemouth Communications, a North Carolina PR firm, builds partnerships with tech, healthcare, and life sciences companies to craft impactful communication strategies. Their team of experts navigates all channels – from media relations to social networks – to ensure your message resonates with a regional, national, or global audience.

Adapt Public Relations

Adapt Public Relations is a boutique PR firm based in Asheville, NC, offering traditional PR, social media management, event coordination, community relations, and communication strategy. Established in 2013, Adapt has chosen to remain small to provide personalized attention without compromising the services and results clients need. They work with businesses across diverse sectors, from healthcare to retail to hospitality, delivering tailored PR and marketing strategies that help their clients thrive.


Luquire is an independent, award-winning marketing agency for clients with ambitious goals. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Luquire competes nationally with world-class talent delivering breakthrough creativity, advanced analytics, flawless execution, and their proprietary “Kindor®” approach – a blend of kindness and candor that provides constructive insights. Luquire’s diverse client roster includes Harris Teeter, Nucor, Bojangles, and Visit North Carolina, among others. Their strategic, innovative solutions help bold brands reach new heights.

The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency isn’t just data-driven, they’re data-weaponized. This award-winning NC agency uses insights to craft powerful campaigns across industries like B2B, healthcare, and travel. As one of the few certified brand strategists in the US, they connect creative ideas with measurable results to help companies grow.

Martin Communications

Martin Communications is a team of experienced marketing professionals who have come together since 2011 to deliver big thinking and proven results. Their diverse backgrounds, spanning both big and small brands, provide a wealth of strategic and tactical expertise. Martin Communications develops data-driven strategies rooted in past successes to support their clients’ business goals. Whether tackling branding, digital marketing, or public relations, this North Carolina agency brings a collaborative, results-oriented approach.

Black Wednesday

Black Wednesday is a boutique marketing agency that amplifies and leverages brands to build community, drive traffic, and increase sales, awareness, and recognition. Specializing in social media, marketing, events, PR, branding, and consulting, Black Wednesday delivers custom services to help businesses gain the exposure they need to succeed. With a dedication to innovation and a tailored approach, this North Carolina agency is always open to trying new strategies to achieve their clients’ goals.

Eckel & Vaughan

Eckel & Vaughan, a North Carolina communications firm, gets you noticed. They spark conversations about your brand online, in media, and beyond. Unlike traditional agencies, they focus on building relationships and making strategic connections to influence public opinion and drive results.

MicroMass Communications, Inc.

MicroMass Communications is a healthcare marketing agency specializing in digital, relationship marketing, and non-personal promotion. For over 25 years, they have applied evidence-based behavioral science to create highly effective solutions that drive real-world results for pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and ACOs. Headquartered in Cary, N.C., MicroMass leverages decades of experience and a fundamental understanding of human health behavior to shift attitudes, build skills, and change behavior – ultimately improving patient outcomes and brand value.

SeaChange Global

SeaChange Global isn’t just about PR and social media. This NC firm helps brands hit the refresh button with brand reengineering strategies. They combine branding expertise with digital marketing to ensure your brand resonates with today’s consumers. Let them help you toot your horn – the right way.

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