Top 10 Must-Follow Boxer Magazines for Passionate Sportsmen

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Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people decide to devote their lives to boxing and become professional boxers, while others simply enjoy watching it on TV or reading boxer magazines to stay updated about the news in the international boxing world. We have included a list of the top 10 boxer magazines for you to follow fresh boxing news, read reviews on fights, and learn about the best fighters.

Additionally, these magazines provide detailed examinations of the international world of boxing. Each media publication discusses controversial boxing fights and offers the most precise predictions about who is going to win in the next competition.

Boxer Magazines To Keep in Your Private Collection

Below, you will find a list of 10 boxer magazines to follow in 2024 and cherish as valuable additions to your home collection.

1. Boxing News

The Boxing News magazine is an award-winning media publication dedicated to the best boxing fights in the world. The magazine was created in 1909, and since then, it has provided thousands of readers from all around the world with the best ringside seat in the international sport of boxing. You can access the Boxing News magazine online, in print, through the digital edition, and even via e-commerce.

2. The Ring

If you consider yourself a passionate boxer, you must have heard about The Ring magazine. It is the Bible of boxing, and you should have it in your collection. It contains a wealth of boxing-related information. You will enjoy reading articles about boxing, MMA, and kickboxing news, international/local events, and ratings. Stay tuned to the winner of numerous awards for editorial excellence.

3. BoxingInsider

You should check BoxingInsider if you love boxing as much as we do. It has all the potential to become your top provider for everything related to boxing: events, news, ratings, coverage, etc. The magazine was created in 1997, and to this day, it maintains the reputation of a premier boxing destination.

4. Boxing Social
Thanks to Boxing Social magazine, you can access the latest boxing news, match results, and high-quality videos from the United Kingdom and around the world. The magazine was created in 2017 by Ryan Fletcher and Jay Robinson. It has an excellent reputation, and many readers consider this media publication to be a reliable, well-trusted source for boxing news worldwide.

5. Boxing Daily

The Boxing Daily magazine offers readers from all around the world the latest boxing news, interesting bare-knuckle coverage, detailed interviews with leading fighters, and the freshest results from the international world of boxing. If you are a fan of boxing, you should join this dedicated community; it’s open to everyone.

6. Boxing

Boxing offers the freshest updates on the international world of boxing. Readers enjoy exclusive interviews with well-known fighters, international boxing news, interesting previews, and recaps of the most important fights, along with expert commentary and analysis from the sports industry. You should get this magazine to stay up to date with all the latest boxing results.

7. RingSide24

RingSide24 magazine provides the most up-to-date boxing news. The content is regularly updated, including ratings, rankings, results, analytics, commentaries, and stunning photos. Ringside24 is an online magazine dedicated to boxing and MMA. You will have access to the most relevant materials about international and particularly Ukrainian boxing. A portion of the content is devoted to mixed martial arts, making this boxing magazine even more interesting to follow directly from your smartphone or tablet.

8. Ringside Boxing News

Ringside Boxing News is a popular online boxing magazine that brings you closer to the world of boxing. It is also an excellent social media platform, bringing passionate boxers together. You have an excellent media publication to explore the history of boxing, follow boxing schedules, discover the top boxing YouTube channels, and read interesting boxing articles.

9. World Boxing Association

The World Boxing Association is the most representative organization of professional boxing. This media publication speaks about the key principles of ethics, morality, and honesty in the boxing world. Such values are essential in any kind of sport. Follow this resource to stay up to date with boxing news, updates, top players, and interesting interviews.

10. Top Rank Boxing

Top Rank Boxing is a well-known boxer magazine based in Las Vegas. It stands as the premiere boxing promotions company. The team takes care of the fighters and all their fans. It was created half a century ago, and till now Top Rank has worked hard to provide readers with boxing news and updates on matches.


Boxing is a professional sport, and just like all other sports, it can be used for entertainment. Boxing is one of the most beneficial sports for young people to participate in if they want to improve their physical and mental health. Boxing contributes to muscle growth and overall body strength. That is why a lot of young men get attracted to this sport. By reading the top boxer magazines you will find enough motivation, courage, determination, and self-confidence to try your forces in this sport. 

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