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There are many different cloud service providers, but Microsoft Azure is one of the best in the market. We are going to speak about Microsoft Azure blogs, which you should check and start following. They contain all the needed information for you to have a clear idea about the services the cloud service provider is ready to offer. Azure is one of the leading players in cloud computing. Recently, it even succeeded to surpass Amazon Web Services in terms of usage. 

According to the professional opinion of many experts in this field, Microsoft Azure has all the chances to narrow the revenue gap to Amazon Web Services even more. It is not easy to compete with the leader in the field, but Azure does it pretty well. Azure has grown significantly compared to Amazon Web Services. Most people who have investments in various Microsoft technologies prefer to use Azure as their main cloud provider.

Azure Blogs To Stay Updated

Whether you personally or your business organization are Azure customers or you would like to switch to this provider in the future, you’d better check the following Azure blogs to see all advantages and disadvantages. We have included the top blogs for better choice. Let’s start the listing with brief descriptions.

Microsoft’s Azure Blog

Azure Blog Mastery: Your Key to Cloud Success.

You will not find a better resource to find the latest trends and news on Azure than the official Microsoft blog. All the content is reliable and written by experienced team members. The blog covers a lot of topics, such as  company’s general announcements, information about services/features, efficient tools for developers, databases, virtual machines, big data, etc. If you have some experience working with Microsoft Azure, the blog is all that you need. Beginners may find the content too complicated to understand the provided information. It is one of the best blogs to stay updated with available features or those which are under development.

2. Serverless360

Azure Blogs Demystified: Your Roadmap to Cloud Wisdom.

Serverless360 is an official and reliable Azure management platform, which mainly focuses on making the experience of all users of Azure much easier. The blog includes the posts about Azure’s rollouts, detailed explanations of the following topics: Azure automation, Data Explorer, Azure Service Bus, and many others. Followers appreciate that all the blog posts are compact and take a few minutes to read. You will not find a better resource of information and  explanations of complex features. You will get many overviews, which are easy to digest. The blog on Azure communication services, container applications, serverless SQL database offerings are excellent and must be read by all users of Azure. If you just start using Azure, and need to learn the basics of modern cloud concepts, such as core Azure services, management, tools, and governance features, do not hesitate to follow this Azure blog. 

3. Thomas Maurer | Cloud and Datacenter Blog

Thomas Maurer is a talented member of the engineering team, who works on Azure company. He used to be a senior program manager for Azure Hybrid. After gaining enough knowledge and practical experience, Thomas created his own blog with the idea to share his knowledge of Microsoft and Azure. His  audience is huge and worldwide. The blow owner is open for collecting both positive and negative feedback in order to make positive changes and essential improvements to Azure. He publishes approximately five blog posts per month, adds videos, and provides detailed explanations on how to use Azure features/services to achieve the needed results. You will learn how to set up and use a new version of the Windows Admin Center directly in the Azure portal. Such tutorials come with screenshots for easier explanations.  Most followers finx the blog posts to be advanced. They cover the following topics: deployment of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Stack, etc. Do not miss his video streams called “Learn Live” in order to understand Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud management. If you plan to pass a Microsoft Certification Exam, you will get access to Maurer’s learning guides, so you will prepare for the exam easily.  

4. Christiaan Brinkoff

Christiaan Brinkoff is a well-known personality with a really impressive resume. He used to work as a principal program manager on the Windows 365 cloud PC Engineering team at Microsoft. Christiaan has been granted a “Global Black Belt” for Azure Virtual Desktop. He is followed by many people who love his video podcast “Windows on the Cloud.” Once you start following  Christiaan Brinkoff blog, you will get access to step-by-step tutorials, detailed guides, reviews, and reliable sources for learning the basics about Azure Virtual Desktop services and features. Most blog posts are devoted to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows365, and Windows 10. Do not miss his live streams, where you can ask anything related to Azure. Use this Azure blog to  boost your knowledge and discuss the latest trends and features.

5. Robert Smit

Robert Smit has a very successful blog with more than 2 million followers from all around the world. Smit does a great job covering a lot of important Azure topics, such as file sharing, recovery, Stack, virtual machines, and many others. This blog is special and unique because it speaks about common failures and the ways to fix them. You will learn a lot about  Azure Stack Proof of Concept (POC) deployment issues and various cluster errors in the Directory. Do not worry that all the instructions look advanced, you will get screenshots to show you the way to fix the issue as fast as possible. 

6. Pixel Robots.

Azure Blogs Exposed: Dive into Cloud Brilliance.

Azure Blog Pixel Robots is your go-to resource for all things Microsoft Azure and Sysadmin-related. Delve into the world of a seasoned Systems Architect navigating the complexities of Microsoft technologies with a primary focus on Azure. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, discover insightful content, practical tips, and a passion for all things #Azure on this engaging blog.

7. Daniel’s Tech Blog

Welcome to Daniel’s Tech Blog, your expert guide to the vast landscape of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. With a wealth of experience as a Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft and a distinguished Microsoft MVP, Daniel shares his insights, tips, and in-depth knowledge on cutting-edge Azure technologies. Dive into a world where expertise meets passion, as Daniel explores the latest trends and advancements, providing a valuable resource for both Azure enthusiasts and professionals alike.

8. Build5Nines | Azure CLI Kung Fu

Welcome to Build5Nines, your ultimate resource for elevating your productivity in the realm of Cloud and Enterprise technology. Specializing in Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Windows Server, Linux, Open Source, and the Internet of Things (IoT), we’ve got you covered. Dive into the intricacies of Azure CLI with our dedicated series, where we unravel the secrets of this powerful tool to enhance your command-line kung fu skills and amplify your efficiency in the cloud.

9. Gart Solution Azure Blog

Azure Blogs Unleashed: Your Gateway to Cloud Mastery.

Welcome to the Gart Solution Azure Blog, where innovation meets expertise in the ever-evolving world of Microsoft Azure. Explore a wealth of resources dedicated to helping you navigate and optimize your Azure journey. From insightful guides to practical tips, Gart Solution is your trusted companion for unlocking the full potential of Azure and achieving seamless integration in your enterprise solutions.

10. Azurebrains

A blog delving into Cloud technologies, Azure, Artificial Intelligence, and beyond. Explore a trove of insights, practical tips, and the latest trends in the dynamic realms of Azure and Cloud technologies. Stay informed and empowered with our in-depth content for both enthusiasts and professionals.


Azure is an excellent cloud platform. However, it asks for some skills and basic knowledge to be able to use it correctly. The described Azure blogs are the keys for your understanding. Start following them to master Azure and achieve the set goals.

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