Media Landscape Insights: January 2024

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What’s been happening in the media world: Digest vol. January 2024

💶 A study by the Media Insight Project explored the paying and donating behavior of Americans aged 16 to 40 for news. 

✏️ The Los Angeles Times, once a renowned publication, announced significant layoffs, highlighting the challenges facing traditional media. The decline has been attributed to various factors, including the influence of the Internet, tech giants such as Google and Meta, and changes in user behavior.

🤔  The new CEO of Web Summit is stepping down. Yes, it’s been less than 6 months since her appointment, and the previous CEO left amidst a scandal.

👮‍♂️ Poynter’s ongoing Transforming Local Crime Reporting Into Public Safety Journalism program is helping U.S. newsrooms shift their focus from sensationalized one-off crime stories to a more impactful and community-oriented approach. Sixty-five newsrooms, including the Lexington Herald Leader and KSL, have benefited, reporting higher subscription conversion rates.

 ​​🤔 404 Media analyzed the content on the Google News feed and found materials generated by artificial intelligence. Google accused journalists of manipulation.

🎨 Politico redesigns its Europe, German, and French websites to have simpler homepages than the UK and US versions, to improve readability for AI web crawlers.

✨ Birmingham City University, along with Diane Kemp and Marcus Ryder, has proposed Six Principles for Responsible Journalistic use of Generative AI and Diversity and Inclusion.

💁‍♀️ Editors from Brazil, Uganda, Nigeria, and Nepal discuss the launch of independent newsrooms focusing on women’s issues. AzMina, HerStory, BONews Service, and Boju Bajai are highlighted as pioneering outlets leading this movement globally.

💰 The authors of the working paper “Paying for News: What Google and Meta Owe US Publishers” defend their estimate of $11.9-$13.9 billion owed annually. 

🔴 Media industry layoffs prompted newsroom unions to organize work stoppages, impacting companies like Condé Nast, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Forbes. Analysis of SimilarWeb and Muck Rack data revealed a decrease in published articles during stoppages, but traffic effects varied.  

🌴 Kelsey Ogletree, a former travel journalist, launched Pitchcraft, an online platform connecting PR professionals and journalists. Offering services like live calls, pop-up discussions, a community forum, and a pitch calendar, Pitchcraft charges $3,500 to $4,200 annually.

The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI for copyright infringement.  OpenAI contends that the situation is not entirely accurate.

🤔 Substack has been accused of lacking moderation, allowing pro-Nazi authors to promote and monetize their works. Some authors have left the platform in protest.


 AI Breakthroughs, Social Media Updates, SEO Trends, and Marketing Buzz


💡 They say that Bard will soon introduce an extremely interesting feature – the regeneration of parts of the response. This will allow for more meaningful and accurate answers. Pretty cool, right?

Social Media

💡 YouTube enabled the option to upload podcasts via an RSS feed.

💡The best social media copywriting tips learned from influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter, like Shaan Puri, Steph Smith, Alex Hormozi, Amanda Natividad, and many others.


💡 Losing organic traffic isn’t always an SEO problem. But It can indicate a (big) business problem.

💡 Live chat with an agent right in Google SERP. Currently available only for major brands.  

💡 From everyone jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon for content creation to the magic of programmatic SEO, this article will uncover some SEO trends for 2024.


💡 According to the study, about 70% of potential buyers abandon their shopping carts on the website without completing the purchase. 

💡 The latest marketing trends & predictions for 2024 by Neil  Patel

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