Top 10 Lifestyle Magazines and Media Outlets To Follow Global Trends

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Discover the most popular lifestyle magazines and media outlets in the world. This Top-10 selection will bring you a lot of inspiration and make your life brighter on all levels. Enjoy reading!

When it comes to lifestyle magazines the choice is enormous. It is easy to get lost. If you want to follow the best trends, starting from food to fashion, travel to art, technology to gadgets, and many other things in between, the top-10 lifestyle magazines are the reliable source of information. You will be aware of all new trends and information in the world of lifestyle. 

Top-10 Lifestyle Magazines Not To Miss

The following magazines will satisfy both casual readers and lifestyle enthusiasts, as they offer something for the taste of people from all around the globe. So make yourself comfortable, grab your favorite drink, and join an exciting journey with us!


People is one of the most popular American lifestyle magazines. The audience is huge, which is not surprising. The magazine focuses on interesting stories of celebrities and other talented personalities. The first edition was in 1974, which makes PEOPLE to be the most widely read lifestyle magazines in the USA and worldwide. By reading the magazine, you will discover a lot of interesting details about celebrities’ lives, worldwide news, international fashion, beauty trends, posh lifestyle, and entertainment. The magazine is unique in terms of coverage of celebrities’ weddings, scandals, and big divorces. PEOPLE covers up-to-date events and important social issues. You will enjoy reading detailed profiles of public figures, global leaders, and politicians. Everyone will find something to read in terms of individual interests.

  1. GQ

GQ is a well-known lifestyle magazine among men. You will enjoy reading about fashion, arts, grooming, restaurants, entertainment, cultural events, etc. The first GQ magazine was launched in 1931, which makes it one of the oldest lifestyle magazines for men in the USA and worldwide. The magazine is happy to provide its masculine readers with interesting articles on a broad range of topics, which include the following: male fashion, grooming trends, travel, culture, technology, gadgets, etc. You will enjoy reading intriguing interviews with the top celebrities and social media influencers. Each edition includes some profiles of successful businessmen. The GQ magazine is proud to have a lot of international awards and praises for its sophisticated style and high-quality media content.


Cosmopolitan has to be included in our listing as one of the top lifestyle magazines for women. It was published in 1886 and since then ladies all around the world read it on a regular basis. By reading the pages of COSMOPOLITAN, you will discover a lot of topics, such as fashion, travel, beauty trends, relationships stories, health, food, and entertainment events. Cosmopolitan works hard to inspire, educate, and empower women to stand for their rights and equality. You will enjoy reading articles related to career, self-education, finance advancement, travel destination, and numerous life hacks to make your life as a woman easier and more comfortable. Cosmopolitan has a huge global reach. This widely read lifestyle magazine is available in 100 countries in the world.


The New Yorker is another trendy American lifestyle magazine, which was founded in 1925. The target audience appreciates its detailed reporting, meaningful commentary, and high-quality visual content. The team of professional writers shares a lot of interesting and up-to-date information related to politics, arts, culture, and entertainment. The New Yorker magazine is well-known for its cartoons and eye-catching covers. It is a serious magazine when it comes to investigative reporting. Readers consider the magazine to be one of the most prestigious and reliable sources of information in the world.


Everybody knows US Weekly. It is a popular American lifestyle magazine with a lot of fun gossip about celebrities. It started its story in 1977. The pages of the magazine cover the following topics: celebrity news, beauty, female/male fashion, relationships, and lifestyle in general. Its readers love the section with celebrities/influencers’ interviews and eye-catching photographs. US Weekly is well-known for its screaming headlines, top celebrity gossip, and exclusive interviews with known people. This weekly published lifestyle magazine is one of the most loved sources of fun news for readers from the USA and all around the world.


Esquire is a must-read lifestyle magazine. You will discover a lot of interesting and inspiring topics, which include the following: fashion, hair styles, culture, arts, politics, technology, and entertainment. First edition was in 1933, and since then the popularity has increased enormously. ESQUIRE is well-known for its specific writing style, sharp and honest commentary, and high-quality visual content. It attracts a sophisticated, educated, and posh male audience. It has a reputation as one of the top lifestyle magazines for men. Esquire is published in the USA and known all around the world.

  1. VOGUE

VOGUE is one of the best lifestyle and fashion magazines in the world. The first edition was in the USA in 1892. Both women and men love this magazine for its unique way of covering fashion, arts, beauty, travel, culture, and entertainment-related topics. You will enjoy reading articles, interviews, and eye-catching professional photo shoots with the world-known designers, top models, celebrities, influencers, and beauty industry gurus.


Vanity Fair is a trendy American lifestyle magazine with an international audience. It was created in 1913 and since then a team of professional journalists and editors covers such topics as arts, fashion, politics, culture, entertainment, etc. Its readers love the way photography and high-quality content is implemented. Vanity Fair is definitely a prestigious magazine that inspires millions of people worldwide.


Southern Living is a lifestyle magazine with an international audience. The main focus is on the culture, art of living, and entertainment in the United States. It was created in 1966 by the Southern Progress Corporation. You will find a lot of inspiring ideas for travel, design, cooking, etc. The magazine covers the latest trends in beauty and fashion, which makes it very popular among female readers. 


Harper’s Bazaar is the last lifestyle magazine in our listing. It was created in 1867 as a fashion magazine for women. It mainly covers topics about lifestyle. Beauty, and fashion. You will enjoy reading detailed interviews with world-known designers, artists, and celebrities. The best thing about Harper’s Bazaar is its awesome and unique style of writing. 


All mentioned lifestyle magazines offer the reader a new perspective on living the best life ever. It is an unlimited source of inspiration on how to make your life more beautiful, comfortable, and stylish. Enhance your daily life today! It is your starting point to a better life full of colors and life hacks. 

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