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Inspiration plays a significant role in the work of an interior designer. To set your interior design apart, it’s essential to stay updated on trends and understand your clients’ preferences. The internet, interior design magazines, and the blogs we’ll explore below are valuable resources for fresh ideas.

Many interior designers strive for perfection, and there’s no shortage of bloggers who excel at showcasing beautiful living spaces. With so many options, we’ve curated a list of the top bloggers deserving of your attention and time.

Top Interior Design Blogs Not To Miss in 2023

  1. Apartment Therapy

We start our list with the Apartment Therapy blog which is simply awesome. It is one of the biggest communal blogs, which gets updated with stories on a frequent basis. You will find the best examples of celebrity interior designs, housing market updates, and pure inspiration for your job as an interior designer. All the articles get submitted worldwide. Be ready for a lot of images of the best interior designs in the world.

  1. Mad About the House

Mad About the House is one of the most eye-catching and decorated interior design blogs. It was created by Kate Watson-Smyth, who is very famous and respected in the industry. The blog is mentioned in such publications as Vogue, Vuelio, Sheerluxe, and other big names. The content is well-structured and offers not only visual content but also professional tips on how to make interior design projects unique. It is the best blog to find fresh ideas to give your interior design real chic.

  1. Design Hunter

Design Hunter is a famous blog in the interior design niche. It boasts the most alluring layouts you have ever seen online. The founder of the blog is Helen Powell, who knows how to combine minimalist interior designs with interesting autobiographical stories. It is a way to add a certain level of personability between the author and the target audience. The Design Hunter blog has been featured in The Sunday Times and Good Housekeeping. A social media platform Pinterest added this interior design blog to its Interiors Shortlist, which made it highly competitive in the interiors niche.

  1. Fresh Design

If you work with modern interior design, the Fresh Design blog is the right source of inspiration for you. The developer focuses on modern and contemporary interior designs. Once you open the blog’s menu, you will find the layout, which is divided into four different categories: decor, furniture, accessories, and interior ideas.The author is not afraid to offer creative and unconventional approaches to interior design. You will find many insights into the practicality of decorating with children and even pets. They play an important role in our lives, so you will find many tips on how to overcome obstacles and challenging scenarios.

  1. Society of British & International Design

SBID is a well-known name in worldwide interior design. It is a professionally accredited body for interior designers. By following the Society of British and International Design blog, you will find a lot of practical tips and lifehacks on the latest interior design trends from every corner of the world. It is an unlimited source of insights into interior design projects. The blog author focuses mainly on showcasing the best design projects, which even include hotels, apartments, and restaurants.

  1. Bright.Bazaar

The founder of the Bright.Bazaar blog is Will Taylor, who finds gray to be too boring for interior designs. That is why his goal is to present the most striking and extravagant interior designs to his followers. Will Taylor has published a book named “Dream Decor”, which is as good as his interior design blog, which focuses on tutorials and practical scenarios on how to organize small-spaces or create handmade design elements. You will find the information on how the designer decorated his own home. So, if you work in design, Bright.Bazaar is essential for your reading.

  1. Amber Interiors

You should not miss the Amber Interiors blog, which offers a lot of ideas for modern, stylish, and practical interior designs. The founder of the blog knows how to pick up the best ideas to inspire professional designers. You will learn how to deal with clients and bring their ideas to life. You will enjoy reading blog posts on detailed guides and upcoming predictions on interior design trends. The style of the blog is open and autobiographical. So, if you’d like to bring some Californian style to your living space, do not miss this blog.

  1. EyeSwoon

If you look for a professional interior design blog EyeSwoon is the right choice. You will find a lot of visual content and practical tips for your upcoming design projects. Readers love the top 10 section where they can find easy-to-follow lists and guides with fresh ideas for the target audiences. It is a pure source of inspiration shared by the leading interior designers. You will find a lot of detailed and well-illustrated interior design ideas and recommendations on how to achieve the same desired effect. Pay attention to the details as they will make your design look as good as it is illustrated in the EyeSwoon blog.


Being an interior designer is always challenging. You have to deal with specific clients and help them make their living space perfect. By following the mentioned blogs, you will never miss inspiration and wil be aware of all the trends. It is important to follow professional blogs to know what is happening on the market, share experience, and find handy tips for your upcoming projects.

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