The Most Informative Horse Magazines You Could Ever Find

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Horses are wonderful, intelligent, and graceful creatures in the world. It is hard not to love them. If you are eager to expand your knowledge of horses and stay updated on current events, you need to explore the following horse magazines. We have curated publications that are worth reading. Each issue is packed with information on horse health care, exhibitions, training tips, trends, and everything related to these animals and their owners.

Check Out the Best Horse Magazines for Equestrians

We encourage people to read the top 10 horse magazines, as they are helpful in learning how to properly care for your horses, ensuring they can enjoy a healthy and long life on your farm. These horse magazines are suitable for amateurs and professionals, regardless of your discipline, skills, or age. Each mentioned publication is unique and provides readers with educational and entertaining articles.

Horse Illustrated Magazine

Top 10 Horse Magazines: Your Ultimate Guide to Equine Excellence

Horse Illustrated is one of the best magazines. No matter what horse breed you own or discipline you ride, you will find a lot of information. It is an excellent and reliable source of information to educate yourself about riding disciplines and horse breeds. You will find articles on training methods, horse daily  care, and riding tips. You will find articles about all aspects of the horse world. Whether you are an amateur or have been riding horses for your entire life, Horse Illustrated Magazine has something for you. You must have this equestrian magazine in your home collection.

Equus Magazine

Unveiling the 10 Must-Read Horse Magazines

Equus Magazine is the leader in the horse industry. Readers choose this publication when they need expert advice on horse daily healthcare. You will read about the latest developments in vet science. Thanks to this horse magazine, your animals will be treated correctly by applying the best healthcare practices. Equus magazine speaks about horse behavior, breeds specifications, common diseases, daily care, riding, and even lameness. You will find answers for any kind of horse concerns. Equus is one of the best resources for horse owners, either beginners or experienced ones. Educational information, health issues, and training tips are worth reading.

Horse & Hound Magazine

Discovering the Best in Equine Literature with These 10 Magazines

Horse & Hound Magazine offers up-to-date news, events, healthcare advice, and in-depth reports of diverse horse riding disciplines. The horse magazine is based in the United Kingdom but it is known all around the world. It is one of the best equestrian magazines that comes every week. Horse and Hound Magazine featured detailed interviews from the best equestrians in the world. It covers literally all what is trendy among equestrians: interviews, show coverage, real stories, product reviews, etc. You should not miss the section that speaks about equestrian jobs, properties, and the best horses for sale.

Practical Horseman Magazine

Dive into the World of Horses with These 10 Remarkable Magazines

Practical Horseman Magazine specializes in hunter and jumpers, eventers, and even dressage riders. It is one of the best resources for both amateurs and professional riders. You will find professional advice and the most up-to-date information on horse riding, healthcare, training methods, management, and worldwide competitions. This horse magazine is able to help improve your performance during the next show ring. The magazine partners with veterinarians to help you keep your horse on the top for better performance and healthier life span.

Young Rider Magazine

A Showcase of the Top 10 Horse Magazines You Can't Miss

Young Rider is a popular horse magazine which is made specifically for children and teenagers who love horses and want to master the skill of riding. The magazine is suitable for readers from 8 to 15 years old. The main goal is to encourage and inspire the younger generation to ride horses. Readers will find a lot of interesting, entertaining, and educational stories of children and their horses. Every issue of the Young Rider Magazine offers something unique, such as future career advice, show ring tips, etc. It is the right choice for horse lovers.

Western Horseman Magazine

For all passionate horse riders, Western Horseman Magazine is a must-have to read. It will satisfy people who are engaged in western riding as there are many professional training tips to boost your knowledge and confidence. You will find articles devoted to management, horse care, equipment, worldwide events, and lifestyle. Both beginner and professional riders find the needed material to study. The magazine speaks not only about horses, but also the everyday ranch life.

US Equestrian Magazine

It is the official horse magazine of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). This publication covers all essential disciplines. You should not miss the coverage of the best horse shows, worldwide events, and the upcoming competitors. The best part is the section with interviews of the leading riders from all kinds of breeds and disciplines.

Chronicle of the Horse Magazine

Explore the Best in Print with These 10 Horse Magazines

This horse magazine has been the industry leader for more than 80 years. It covers both national and international sport horse competitions. It is the right magazine to follow up-to-date competition results and worldwide news. Both beginner and professional horse riders will enjoy reading commentary and amazing interviews. 

Horse & Rider Magazine

Horse & Rider Magazine cooperated with the leading trainers, vet clinicians, and industry experts to provide knowledge to riders at all levels. You will learn a lot of fascinating things about western horse life, tips on how to manage your animals, horse health care, and training tips. Besides, you will discover the most amazing destinations for riders in the USA and worldwide.

Equestrian Living Magazine

A Journey Through the Pages of the Top 10 Horse Magazines

This horde magazine looks elegant, fun, and glamorous. You will stay updated on trends in style, fashion, art, etc. The publication covers the most exciting equestrian events and horse shows not to miss. Every issue of the Equestrian Living Magazine includes eye-catching designs and styles, which are influenced by the chic equestrian lifestyles.


All issues of the listed horse magazines include valuable information for amateurs, professionals, and junior horse riders. Talented riders and writers collaborate to shed light on horse riding, making an enormous impact in the industry. If you passionately love horses, do not hesitate to buy a subscription to the chosen horse magazines.

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