Leading Home Decor Magazines for Your Inspiration

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The best place to find inspiration for your new home is by flipping through home decor magazines. If you have a passion for home decor, interior design, and beauty in general, you shouldn’t miss the following magazine titles. Each of them features eye-catching photos and provides practical recommendations on how to enhance your interior design and make your home the coziest place in the world.

The List of the Top Home Decor Magazines 

The following selection of the top home decor magazines can be your lifesaver if you’re planning to renovate a house, work on your garden, or decorate a home for a special occasion or celebration, such as a child’s birthday or a wedding. These magazines exclusively feature leading interior designers, ensuring you’re in capable hands. Each publication from these magazines is unique, making them a valuable addition to your home collection.

Architectural Digest

This home decor magazine caters to those who appreciate high-end design solutions. Delight in virtual tours of celebrities’ homes, showcasing luxurious lifestyles. Architectural Digest presents impressive living spaces from around the world, offering an endless wellspring of inspiration for luxury interior styles. Many professional interior designers and decorators regard Architectural Digest as one of the industry’s top resources. You’ll discover numerous fascinating projects that can serve as templates for your own home. Initially published in the USA, this home decor magazine is now distributed in nine countries worldwide


HGTV, a renowned home decor magazine, is known for its focus on offering practical tips and recommendations from leading interior design and decor experts. It serves as the perfect platform for showcasing the latest trends in interior design. You’ll find this magazine in the collection of every professional designer and decor-related social media influencer. The content places a strong emphasis on budget-friendly ideas, with most featured projects designed to be family and children-friendly, vibrant, fun, and accessible for those with an average income. It’s the ideal magazine for discovering ideas to nurture your creative talents, learn how to blend colors, and create harmony in your living space.


Rue is a relatively new home decor magazine that primarily showcases stunning home tours, unique shopping discoveries, and luxurious lifestyle content. In its pages, you’ll discover everything you need, from decor products to valuable tips on hosting the perfect party. The talented editorial team at Rue magazine has recently published an impressive coffee table book, featuring captivating photos of the homes of leading interior designers and providing invaluable design tips to inspire your own projects.

Flea Market Garden Style

If you revel in backyard living and have a penchant for crafting, don’t overlook Flea Market Garden Style magazine. It predominantly offers imaginative ideas on how to enchant and adorn your outdoor living spaces. Discover how to transform rare flea market finds into unique and charming elements for your backyard, making it as special as can be.

Southern Living

If you have a deep appreciation for the southern regions of the United States, Southern Living home decor magazine is a must-read. This publication celebrates life in the South and offers a wealth of recommendations, particularly focused on the region. You’ll discover travel guides, prime locations for decor shopping, decorating tips from leading interior designers, and insights from talented home decorators. Readers will particularly relish the holiday-related content section.

Elle Décor

Elle Decor is a globally renowned magazine known for its abundance of creative and glamorous ideas for embellishing your home and garden. The publication primarily showcases interior design projects from around the world, offering inspiration from luxurious celebrity living spaces. It’s your go-to source for staying up-to-date with the latest interior design and decor trends, as numerous leading designers enthusiastically share their projects within this home decor magazine.

World of Interiors

World of Interiors is a well-known home decor magazine, which is based in London. You will not find a bigger collection of inspiring rooms and luxury decor products anywhere else. We encourage a reader to flip through the colorful pages of this publication to enjoy designer tours of the best hotels, celebrity homes, top restaurants, and residential spaces. It is a pure joy for people who work as interior designers or decorators. You will have the impression that you travel throughout Europe from the comfort of your own house.

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens is a popular interior design magazine, which contains a lot of high-quality content pertaining to both indoor and outdoor design ideas. You will find articles about cooking, entertaining, traveling, gardening, and decorating. With a magazine like Better Homes & Gardens, you should not be afraid to start your own house improvement project, decorating workshop, cleaning routine, or decorating a space for a special occasion. It is one of the best resources filled with accessible tips.

Real Simple

Real Simple is an interior design magazine with practical recommendations. A reader will appreciate finding advice for getting his living space well-organized. The magazine is easily approachable for people with average income. Simply by following the tips, you will decorate the house of your dreams.


Galerie is the last home decor magazine in our listing. It is published four times a year. A reader will find interesting articles about art, interior design, architecture, and travel. You will enjoy seeing amazing living spaces and finding general tips from the leading decorators and designers.


Merely acquiring a house is just the beginning; it’s when you receive the keys to your new home that the real journey begins—decorating and finding your unique style. Thanks to the home decor magazines we’ve described, you’ll gain a clear understanding of how to style cushions, adorn walls, and furnish rooms. These interior design magazines are your trusted companions in turning your ideas into a reality with ease.

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