Fabulous Golf Magazines for Real Fans of This Sport

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If you are a passionate golfer, you will enjoy reading good golf magazines. However, with numerous options available in both print and digital versions, it’s easy to get confused and potentially waste your time and money on low-quality publications. We have conducted thorough research to provide recommendations for the best golf magazines available. These publications are replete with professional news and captivating interviews. You will relish discovering what unfolds behind the scenes, acquiring tips to enhance your golf skills, and delving into a plethora of other golf-related content.

Top Golf Magazines in Print and Digital Versions

This listing will assist readers in organizing their media preferences. The results have narrowed our list down to what we consider the best golf magazines in this expanding industry.

Golf Digest

Elevate Your Golfing IQ: The Ultimate Magazine Collection

Many people who enjoy playing or watching golf consider Golf Digest to be the leading golf-related media publication. The magazine has a well-established reputation and delivers readers efficient instruction from the world’s leading golf players. Such high-quality content will help you polish your golf-playing skills.

Golf Magazine

From Drives to Divots: The Top 10 Golf Magazines Revealed

Golf Magazine shares many similarities with the previously described Golf Digest. It is an outstanding media publication that offers golf instruction, features, equipment reviews, articles on golf destinations, and interviews with experts. This magazine will be interesting for golfers of any level. The most efficient instruction from top teachers will greatly benefit you.

Golf World

Par for the Course: Dive into the World's Best Golf Magazines

If you have started playing golf and dream of receiving national golf content, then Golf World might be the best choice for you. This weekly media publication will provide you with comprehensive coverage of the PGA, Champions, LPGA, National, and International Golf Tours. Every published issue of the Golf World magazine is packed with up-to-date player stats, golf-related news, interviews, and game analysis.

Golf Tips

Golf Tips Magazine is an excellent choice for passionate golfers. The magazine offers seven issues per year, each packed with handy and well-written content. As a reader and golf player, you’ll receive in-depth instruction for players of all levels. It is interesting to read advice from the leading experts in the world of international golf. Do not miss detailed equipment guides and in-depth course information.


Greenside Gems: Explore the Finest Golf Magazines Available

Golfweek magazine is an excellent weekly publication that aims to enhance the enjoyment and deepen the understanding of golf. The magazine applies the highest standards of sports journalism to deliver the best content you have ever seen. You will appreciate its style of writing and the most up-to-date golf information about international competition, business deals, and the golf lifestyle.

LINKS Magazine

Master Your Game: The Definitive List of Best Golf Magazines

LINKS magazine has a very good reputation and tends to target passionate golfers of all levels. The magazine covers the best personalities in the world of golf, all upcoming championships, and provides in-depth reviews of new golf equipment for optimal performance. The magazine mainly focuses on available golf courses and the most interesting travel destinations to enjoy playing golf.

Kingdom Magazine

In the Know: 10 Must-Read Golf Magazines for Every Golfe

We consider Kingdom Magazine to be a unique golf publication. This is the reason why the price for this media publication is higher than average. The magazine is brought to you by the King of golf, the well-known Arnold Palmer. You can enjoy this magazine, which is published three times per year. You will appreciate high-quality editorial content and stunning photography. Many articles are written by the best golf journalists.

Golf Monthly Magazine

Fairway Favorites: The Ultimate Guide to Top Golf Magazines

Golf Monthly Magazine is excellent, but it is probably one of the most expensive print golf magazines on the US market today. The magazine provides excellent tips, insights, and professional advice from the best worldwide coaches and leading figures on the TOUR. Just like the other mentioned golf magazines, Golf Monthly focuses on reviewing the best golf gear and competitions not to miss. You can use this publication as a trusted guide to golfing.

Today’s Golfer

tee Time Treasures: Unveiling the Best Golf Magazines of the Year

Today’s Golfer is a popular UK-based golf magazine that provides reliable information on playing golf, purchasing professional gear, and selecting the best courses in your area to play and polish your skills. The content is well-structured and solid. You will love the imagery in the magazine, which is very inspiring and motivational for playing golf.

Golf International UK Magazine

Swing into Excellence: Top 10 Golf Magazines for Enthusiasts

Golf International UK is a well-known magazine in the golfing world. This premier golf publication originates in the UK but is available worldwide. This golf-related magazine features detailed interviews with the top golf players. You should check out the section which is fully dedicated to business, as well as a diverse golfing context on shares, betting, cars, etc. 


Playing golf is a passion, hobby, or lifetime profession. This game does not let you go once you have tried it. By reading the best magazines, you collect new knowledge, read real stories of the best players, and stay up-to-date regarding worldwide golf events. Being a professional golfer is a big talent and a special lifestyle, which is perfectly illustrated in the mentioned golf magazines.

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