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Best Japanese Fashion Magazines is here! Japan is a fascinating country, technologically advanced yet with a strong preference for print versions of fashion magazines. We’ve curated a list of popular publications offering expert tips, unique styles, and free packages. With a myriad of choices available, finding the right magazine can be overwhelming. Our research spans various locations in Japan, from cafes to hospitals, hotel receptions, and beauty salons. Dive into these magazines filled with stunning models, vibrant outfits, and captivating content.

  1. Vivi

We kick off our list of the best Japanese fashion magazines with Vivi, a leading publication among Japanese women since 1982. Tailored for young women, it boasts a modern aesthetic and diverse content, featuring style tips, photo shooting ideas, detailed reports, and must-follow cultural events. Renowned for its unique style and inclusivity, Vivi attracts a large community of Japanese ladies seeking bright clothes, colorful makeup, and unique hairstyles. Collaborations with celebrities and influencers keep the magazine abreast of modern trends. Stay updated on Japanese fashionable culture with Vivi – your right choice.

  1. FUDGE

FUDGE magazine, established in 2004, enjoys immense popularity for its high-quality content blending fashion, modern art, and traditional Japanese culture. Focused on modern, clean, and minimalist fashion trends, the emphasis lies in quality, harmony, and creativity. Dive into FUDGE’s articles to discover top clothing from leading Japanese and international designers, along with insights into materials, style tips, and creative outfit ideas. For those eager to experiment with new looks, FUDGE is the ultimate guide. Beyond fashion, the magazine delves into modern art and culture, featuring interviews with leading artists, fashion designers, and creative minds, aiming to inspire an appreciation for the diverse Japanese culture through fashion and art.

  1. Nylon Japan

Nylon Japan is a well-known Japanese fashion magazine with a very original style and content. The target audience is young men and women who love creative things. This media publication offers its numerous readers an impressive combination of fashion, culture, art, lifestyle by showcasing the best talents of Japan. This fashion magazine has a huge impact on the modern Japanese fashion world. Only Nylon Japan is able to offer unique styles, experts’  tips, and generate new fashion trends. The content emphasizes fashion, design, culture and art. Such big diversity in subjects makes it so popular in Japan and even on the international level. You will find articles about cinema, literature, theater, etc. Many young artists were promoted with this magazine. What readers love the most about this fashion magazine is well-balanced content that covers all aspects of modern life.

  1. Popeye

If you are interested in discovering the amazing and diverse world of men’s fashion, Popeye is the must-have Japanese fashion magazine. The media publication was founded in 1976, and since then it does not stop to provide real expertise to thousands of readers. Many men refer to this media outlet to find their unique style and find out the latest fashion trends. Popeye is a must-have magazine for fashion-conscious men. The magazine knows how to deliver high quality content and stand the competition. It is able to combine fashion, design, culture, art, and lifestyle, that young men want to discover and explore on their own. This Japanese fashion magazine focuses on many different styles: streetwear, workwear, casual, and sportswear. You will find a lot of interesting and easy to follow recommendations, outfit ideas, top fashion designer interviews. You will finally learn how to express your personality through clothing. You will not find a better media outlet with a modern approach to Japanese fashion.

  1. Ginza

Ginza is known as a luxurious fashion magazine. You will find a lot of information about famous boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in Japan. The fashion magazine is naturally distinguished by a well-written content that mainly focuses on creativity, elegance and modern fashion culture. If you live in Japan and appreciate fashion, it is the right choice! You will find a lot of ideas of refined, creative and elegant fashion styles. Articles present the latest trends and designer collections of Japanese and worldwide. The magazine cooperated with the most beautiful models and talented fashion designers in the world.

6. Vogue Japan

Vogue Japan is the local edition of the iconic international fashion magazine, Vogue. Launched in 1999, it quickly became a trendsetting force in the Japanese fashion landscape. Known for its high-end fashion spreads, Vogue Japan brings together global and local styles, showcasing the best of both worlds. The magazine is a go-to source for fashion enthusiasts seeking the latest trends, exclusive interviews, and captivating editorial content.

7. Harper’s Bazaar Japan

Harper’s Bazaar Japan, another local adaptation of an international fashion giant, has been a cornerstone of the Japanese fashion scene since its inception in 1967. The magazine exudes sophistication and elegance, featuring avant-garde fashion, beauty tips, and insightful articles on the industry’s movers and shakers. Harper’s Bazaar Japan is a must-read for those who appreciate a blend of high fashion and cultural insights.

8. Numero Tokyo

Numero Tokyo is renowned for its avant-garde and artistic approach to fashion photography. Since its debut in 2007, the magazine has consistently pushed boundaries, featuring bold editorials and thought-provoking content. Numero Tokyo is a platform for both established and emerging talent, making it a vital source for those interested in the avant-garde side of Japanese fashion.


SPUR is synonymous with modern, chic, and wearable fashion. Established in 1988, the magazine is celebrated for its accessible yet stylish content, making it a staple for fashion-conscious individuals. SPUR covers a wide range of topics, including fashion trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle features, making it a well-rounded guide for those who appreciate practical elegance.


Japanese fashion magazines have much to offer. It is time to get one and open the world of Japanese fashion. All described magazines deserve your attention as they highlight the latest fashion trends, unique styles, and shape the Japanese landscape. These magazines have all the chances to become your unlimited source of inspiration in terms of fashion and art.

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