Top 10 Dog Magazines for Passionate Dog Parents

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Dog owners love spending time with their dogs. They want to see their pets healthy and happy, and the best way to achieve this is by reading the best dog magazines. While it’s true that most people choose the internet as their main source of information, we want to encourage people to continue using print dog magazines, as they offer fantastic content and include a wealth of valuable information and professional advice about your favorite animals.

We have carefully selected the leading dog magazines that you can enjoy reading in your spare time. Dog magazines still deserve a closer look if you want to be well-served with great tips, tricks, and vet’s advice for your beloved companion. Below, you will find the best dog magazines available on the market.

The Best 10 Dog Magazines for Pets Owners

We’ve conducted thorough research to identify the top 10 dog magazines. Every dog parent will enjoy having them at home, whether they are seeking general vet advice or breed-focused recommendations. Check out these must-read dog magazines.

Modern Dog Magazine

The 10 Must-Read Dog Magazines for Every Pet Parent

Modern Dog is one of the trendiest dog magazines, focusing on helping dog owners navigate life with their new family members. You will discover how to maximize your enjoyment of pet parenthood. The magazine tends to emphasize dogs’ healthcare and well-being, featuring articles on diverse dog-related topics, including pet nutrition, training tips, breed characteristics, top book recommendations, vet tips, and amusing reader contests. Each issue of Modern Dog magazine includes appealing photos of dogs.

ShowSight Magazine

A Close Look at the Top 10 Dog Magazines

ShowSight Magazine is fully dedicated to the care of purebred dogs. You will love it from the first page, as it is one of the most attractive media publications. It even has won a title as the “Most Beautiful Dog Publication in the World.” This dog magazine has a lot to offer for all owners of either pure or mixed breeds. The ShowSight magazine is published every month, so you will boost your skills and knowledge to become a more informed dog parent.

Dog’s Today

Exploring the Best in Dog Magazines

Dog’s Today is a popular dog magazine in the UK. It covers the most important aspects of sharing your time with a dog. You will become the specialist when it comes to feeding your dog for it to live a healthy and happy life. You will find a lot of tips and vet’s advice not to do common mistakes, which can harm your pet. The magazine includes a lot of interesting articles on diverse dog-themed topics. This publication is available in both formats (print and digital) on a monthly basis.

Dogster Magazine

10 Dog Magazines Every Dog Lover Should Own

If you love dog magazines, you should remember the magazine, which is called Dog Fancy. It used to have a long history and used to be the most widely read dog magazine in the world. However, the Dog Fancy magazine was shuttered and replaced by Dogster. Now, this publication gets published on a monthly basis. Dogster covers all of the general information dog owners could dream to find. It is particularly handy for first-time dog owners. If you prefer to read Dogster on the internet, it has a companion website for your convenience.

AKC Family Dog

Barking Up the Right Tree: Your Guide to the Top 10 Dog Magazines

The American Kennel Club is the official publisher of the Family Dog magazine. It is one of the best AKC-funded publications you could ever find. It is one of the most informative sources of information related to dogs. The team of writers and editors do the job perfectly, as every issue is more polished compared to many other similar media publications. You will be amazed with gorgeous photographs, and interesting articles with valuable information on how to treat your dog as a pro.There are six publications of the Family Dog magazine per year.

K9 Magazine

The Definitive List of 10 Essential Dog Magazines

We obviously can’t miss K9 Magazine. Many dog owners love this publication. It covers all dog-related topics, such as professional training tips, dog product recommendations, guides on trendy dog products, interviews, etc. K9 Magazine is available in either print or digital format and gets published monthly. You should check it out and enjoy reading it with your dog companion.

Gun Dog Magazine

The Top 10 Dog Magazines You Can't Miss

Gun Dog Magazine will suit readers who love hunting with dogs. You will find all the needed information on how to select hunting dogs, care, and train them to show excellent performance. Gun Dog Magazine is an excellent resource of information for owners of retrievers, setters, terriers, and other hunting breeds. It is the right choice for gun dog breeds.

Best Friends Magazine

Canine Companion Chronicles: 10 Dog Magazines That Deserve a Spot on Your Shelf

Best Friends Magazine is published by a non-profit organization, which works hard to stop pet homelessness. You will love this publication for its positive, uplifting, and inspiring stories. It gets published every month. Everybody who makes a donation to the NGO gets this dog magazine as a gift. 

Animal Wellness Magazine

Discovering the Top 10 Magazines for Every Dog Enthusiast

Animal Wellness Magazine focuses on educating owners of pets about their health and well-being. You will find articles about training tips and lifestyle with pets. Animal Wellness Magazine is available in print and digital formats, and gets published monthly.

Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal is full of handy information about dog care, healthcare, and training. It focuses on natural techniques and health solutions. It is the right choice if you prefer to treat your pet in a holistic way. You will find a lot of alternative therapies to solve common health issues.


All mentioned dog magazines are excellent resources of knowledge and advice, related to dog health and training methods. They inspire us to treat our pets better so that they can live a long and happy life. Being an owner of a dog is a huge responsibility. You’d better be well-informed to know how to manage your little friend as well as possible. 

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