Top 5 Cooking Magazines for Epicurean Excellence

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Not long ago, print cooking magazines were the only way to discover new flavor trends, cooking recipes, and delve into interviews with the greatest chefs and their trendy restaurants. People used to eagerly await new publications with mouth-watering covers. The internet has intervened and changed commonplace things, but cooking magazines still exist, and food lovers continue to buy them regularly. We are going to review the most incredible cooking magazines. You should have them in your collection if you would like to learn cooking, explore your local restaurants, and transform your eating habits. Within their pages, you will find the best recipes, created by famous chefs and tested by a team of professionals. Usually, all cooking recipes come with a step-by-step explanation. Cooking magazines are replete with captivating stories about artisans who craft the finest wine, cheese, and chocolate in the world. Enjoy the best cooking magazine out there.

Cooking Magazines To Follow

The media market is overloaded with cooking magazines. It is not difficult to get lost in such a variety. Our team has conducted in-depth research on the leading cooking magazines, which contain handy information and inspiring visual content. Check out the best cooking magazines and make your choice.

  1. Food Network Magazine

Food Network is a well-known magazine devoted to cooking entertainment. If you want to find detailed and easy-to-do recipes with many professional tips, it is the right magazine for you. Most readers appreciate its entertaining style and handy recipes, which you can do at home without advanced cooking skills. This publication covers simple and creative cooking subjects, gives recommendations about the best kitchen tools, cooking ingredients, and the needed appliances. Just by watching finished dishes, you get the motivation to try them yourself and make your family happy. Buy this cooking magazine if you are interested in improving your cooking skills. 

  1. Bon Appetit Magazine

Bon Appetit is another well-known cooking magazine in the USA and worldwide. The specialty of Bon Appetit is that it doesn’t just focus on cooking recipes. You will find a lot of articles about restaurants, travel, healthy eating, etc. Most readers prefer this cooking magazine because they find unique recipes and step-by-step techniques. It features openings of new restaurants, new dishes of famous chefs, interviews with world-known chefs, professional tips about cooking tools, and exotic foods from different foreign countries. Bon Appetit is the right choice for people who are interested in learning to cook and try out new trendy things in the kitchens. It is an excellent resource for learning many different aspects of the worldwide culinary. The photos of finished dishes are motivational and inspiring. They will evoke your appetite and curiosity to try new tastes.

  1.  Taste of Home Magazine

Taste of Home is an excellent cooking magazine for people who are interested in recipes for family. You will enjoy numerous easy-to-follow recipes, handy cooking techniques, and a lot of inspiring meal ideas. You will enjoy reading articles about new cooking tools and efficient kitchen techniques. The best thing about this magazine is the visual content, which illustrates basics and simple dishes, which you can cook for your family members and friends. It helps you convert your daily cooking routine into a magic full of love, inspiration, and creativity.

  1. Food & Wine Magazine

Food & Wine is a popular cooking magazine, which focuses on food and beverages. It contains articles written by a professional team of writers and worldwide top chefs and food experts. The magazine points and focuses on the idea that every person should enjoy high-quality food and drinks, no matter what your cooking expertise is. You will find a lot of recipes, which are manageable for both amateur cooks and professional restaurateurs. Additionally, you should not miss the section which speaks about the best food destinations and exotic locales. You will learn how to select the best foods and beverages in your area, pick up the most efficient kitchen tools thanks to detailed tutorials, guides, easy recipes, professional tips, and new dishes to try. Readers will enjoy reading columns devoted to wine and the art of making and selecting the best wine available on the market.

  1. Cook’s Illustrated Magazine

Cook’s Illustrated is a well-known cooking magazine. This publication provides the worldwide audience with the top recipes, cooking techniques, and recommendations on food and drinks. This cooking magazine deals with the leading cooks and experts, who test all the recipes. The best thing about Cook’s Illustrated is that it is an ads-free magazine. It means that you get 100% objective information related to food. You can read independent reviews of cooking equipment testing and tasting of supermarket ingredients. All the provided recipes are easy to repeat at home. Cooks of all levels should have this magazine in their collection as it is an excellent source of inspiration and cooking techniques. Boost your cooking skills with the Cook’s Illustrated magazine!

Cooking Magazines Table

Here’s a simple table listing some popular cooking magazines:

Magazine NameYear of FoundingFocus AreasFeatures and Highlights
Food & Wine1978Culinary Trends, RecipesChef insights, wine pairings, travel features
Bon Appétit1956Recipes, Cooking TipsCulinary trends, restaurant reviews, home cooking ideas
Cook’s Illustrated1993Recipes, Cooking TechniquesRigorous recipe testing, product reviews, equipment tips
Saveur1994Global Cuisine, TravelAuthentic recipes, culinary traditions, travel stories
EatingWell1990Healthy Cooking, NutritionNutritious recipes, wellness articles, meal planning
Taste of Home1993Home Cooking, Comfort FoodReader-submitted recipes, family-friendly dishes
Southern Living1966Southern Cuisine, LifestyleSouthern recipes, home and garden, lifestyle features
Fine Cooking1994Culinary Techniques, RecipesExpert cooking tips, diverse recipes, culinary how-tos
Cooking Light1987Healthy Recipes, WellnessLight and healthy recipes, nutrition advice, meal plans
Gourmet Traveller1966International Cuisine, TravelGlobal recipes, travel destinations, culinary experiences


It goes without saying that the way we eat determines how we live and feel. There is no doubt that a healthy and well-balanced diet is the top priority for the growth and well-being of both adults and children. All the cooking magazines described show you the way to healthy eating, which will undoubtedly result in a positive impact on your entire life.

Unfortunately, modern people are often too busy to follow a healthy diet. Thanks to such magazines, we have the inspiration to reduce the consumption of junk food and start cooking more healthily. You will enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients following easy tutorials.

It’s time to make a big change in your eating habits! The top 5 cooking magazines are here to help you create delicious and healthy meals that will surely be appreciated by all your family members and friends.

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