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We invite you to check out the top insurance blogs for professional insurance agents, experienced brokers, consumers, and all other kinds of business owners. It is the best way to stay informed about the insurance industry, follow all new trends, and learn efficient tactics to make your business grow and protect it from possible risks.

Top Insurance Blogs Revealed

Today, we are going to reveal the must-follow insurance blogs. They contain tons of insurance-related information and professional tips to follow to boost your skills and knowledge. You will find many interesting articles about health insurance, property/casualty updates, and efficient recommendations on how to make your insurance business grow. These insurance blogs will interest agents, brokers, and consumers.

  1. Leadsurance Blog

Highly experienced marketing and insurance experts write the content for the Leadsurance blog. Each member of the team has vast experience in marketing and insurance, so they know what information people look for. You will enjoy reading high-quality content aimed at helping readers understand the insurance business and launch a successful marketing campaign to boost it in the market. You will find detailed guides that you should use and implement to achieve success in the insurance niche. We highly recommend subscribing to the Leadsurance blog to learn how to build successful insurance brands online, generate insurance leads, and increase your profit.

  1. Life Happens Blog

The Life Happens Blog is fully dedicated to life insurance. It is one of the most visited life insurance blogs you can find on the internet. Readers should follow it to access accurate information on topics such as life insurance, disability, long-term care policies, and more. You will find numerous personal stories where people share their experiences of how the right insurance coverage saved and changed their lives. The blog is well-structured into several categories including college planning, estate planning, annuities, retirement planning, whole life insurance, and term life insurance.

  1. Property Casualty 360 Blog

Property Casualty 360 blog focuses on writing high-quality content related to property and casualty insurance. It is your chance to get educated on how to insure your own home, car, or business. The insurance blog covers many interesting topics, starting with typical insurance and finishing with cyber attacks. If you want to boost your risk management skills and knowledge it is the right blog to follow. 

  1. HealthInsurance Blog is one of the best blogs about health insurance. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to the newsfeed to stay informed about trends in the insurance industry. The blog is recognized as a professional health insurance guide. Readers will find a wide range of insurance-related content that caters to the interests of professional insurance agents, consumers, and those interested in the insurance industry. You’ll learn about insurance coverage in your state, how to purchase the right health insurance, Obamacare, short/long term medical care coverage, and more.

  1. AMAXX Workers Comp Blog

The AMAXX Workers Comp blog provides tons of information about workers’ compensation. The content will be useful and interesting to insurance businesses and professional insurance agents. Readers will find blog posts about compensation claims, business strategies to keep your employees protected and safe, cutting costs, and shortening leave periods, among other topics. You will learn everything about compensation, including insights from court cases and legislation.”

  1. NAIFA Blog

NAIFA blog has been created by a highly experienced team. It focuses on professional insurers and financial experts. The content is excellent, so even people who do not work in the insurance niche find it interesting to read and easy to understand even the most complex subjects. Professionals. Use NAIFA blog as your guide about specific tax reports, insurance industry news, new trends, health insurance, legislation changes, etc.

  1. HBWLeads Blog

You will not find a better insurance blog for agents. The content is always accurate, providing followers with access to the latest news, handy tips, and professional tricks. Your day-to-day operations will be much easier and safer for your business. Check out the following topics: property/casualty, health/life insurance, InsureTech, etc.

  1. Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog

Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog aims to provide insurance agents and their potential customers with tons of useful and accurate information related to insurance coverage. You will learn about many interesting cases. Make sure you read the thoughtful commentary about typical issues to know how to react in similar situations. You will find the following topics: benefit litigation, conflict of interest, employee benefit plans, and many other interesting information.

  1. Insurance Digital Marketing Blog

The Insurance Digital Marketing Blog should be followed by insurance business owners who aim to increase traffic and boost brand awareness. It’s the right blog for building an online marketing strategy for insurance businesses. You will learn a lot about communication, promotion, online trends, and brand awareness. Additionally, you’ll discover why it’s important to have positive reviews and learn how to generate a maximum of them.

  1. Burand’s Agency E&O Blog

Followers of Burand’s Agency E&O blog will find a lot of efficient tips on how to run an insurance business. You will learn a lot about standardized procedures, potential risks related to cash payments, and international news.

11. The Triple-I Blog

Focused on educating the public, this blog by the Triple-I (The Institutes) delves into various insurance topics, from auto and home insurance to life and health options. They provide clear and concise explanations, making complex concepts easy to grasp.

12. Insurance Business America Magazine

This online magazine serves as a one-stop shop for insurance professionals, featuring industry news, expert opinions, and practical guidance. They cover topics like marketing and sales strategies, compliance regulations, and emerging technologies in the insurance landscape

13. The InsuredMine Blog

This blog caters specifically to independent insurance agents, providing insights and strategies to enhance their business operations. They cover topics like marketing automation, customer service improvement, and utilizing technology to streamline processes.

14. Risk & Insurance

Geared towards professionals in the risk management and commercial insurance space, this blog offers insightful articles, interviews with industry leaders, and analysis of current risk trends.


Being an insurance agent is to help people protect their lives and businesses. You reduce the level of risk and make the lives of your clients stress-free. In order to build a successful career in the insurance industry you must follow the trends, update your knowledge, and never stop learning. Insurance blogs are the best source of accurate information. They are run by experts who are interested in sharing their knowledge. Use this opportunity to boost your experience and become a better performer day by day.

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