Best SEO Agencies in North Carolina: Boost Your Website Traffic

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North Carolina’s businesses are booming! Whether you’re a startup nestled in Asheville or a well-established company in Raleigh, conquering the online landscape is crucial for success. But in today’s digital age, competition is fierce. To rise above the noise and attract your target audience, you need a strong SEO strategy.

This article unveils the top SEO agencies in North Carolina, your secret weapon for skyrocketing website traffic, boosting leads, and achieving lasting online dominance. From data-driven experts to creative storytellers, these agencies offer a diverse range of expertise to propel your business to the next level. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect SEO partner to fuel your North Carolina success story!

Top North Carolina SEO Companies for Increased Visibility and Leads

Digital Position

Digital Position rejects the robotic approach to SEO, emphasizing the importance of human connection in digital marketing. Their team prioritizes understanding a client’s unique story and target audience to craft data-driven SEO strategies. They boast a successful track record of helping clients escape ineffective agencies, achieve triple-digit revenue growth, and even witness small startups blossom into thriving businesses. With an average client retention rate of 3.5 years, Digital Position fosters long-term partnerships built on passion and results.

Red Shark Digital

Red Shark Digital is a North Carolina-based full-service marketing agency specializing in SEO, web design, and development. They combine cutting-edge SEO strategies with stunning Webflow website creation to boost your online presence and brand recognition. Their team prioritizes understanding your business goals to craft data-driven marketing solutions that drive traffic and conversions.

Wedgewood Marketing

Wedgewood Marketing is a Charlotte, NC based digital marketing agency specializing in PPC, SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. They leverage a combination of machine learning algorithms and in-depth platform knowledge to improve client lead volume and sales.

Straight North

Straight North is an industry-leading digital marketing agency providing comprehensive SEO, paid advertising, web design/development and creative services. Their targeted solutions are designed to help businesses attract the right customers, drive sales, increase ecommerce revenue and generate leads. Straight North has specialized teams focused on B2B, B2C, ecommerce, local, national, small business, and enterprise SEO campaigns. They employ the latest proven SEO methods and leverage AI-driven technology for high-performing paid advertising. Their web design, development and creative services further amplify clients’ online presence and marketing efforts.


Consultwebs has been helping law firms find online success since 1999, making it one of the pioneering legal SEO companies. Their Content Team of attorneys and veteran journalists produces high-quality web content, while dedicated consultants craft custom campaigns tailored to each client’s brand, market, and goals. Offering a full suite of services including PPC, SEO, CRO, social media, design, development, and more, Consultwebs brings unique value to law firms’ online marketing efforts. With experts in all the necessary technologies, Consultwebs can provide the comprehensive solutions needed to drive more cases from the web for their legal clientele.

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital conquers the digital marketing landscape, offering a full spectrum of services including SEO, PPC, link building, and web design. Their results-driven approach has helped a diverse clientele, from startups to industry giants like GEICO and Marriott, achieve online success. With a focus on creative strategies and international reach, Go Fish Digital empowers businesses to hook their target audience and reel in results.

Hive Digital

Hive Digital buzzes with award-winning SEO and digital marketing expertise. They empower businesses to amplify their message and reach new heights. Backed by accolades like “Best Small SEO Agency” and “People’s Choice Award for Best Digital Marketing Agency,” Hive Digital crafts innovative strategies to propel your online success.


LOCOMOTIVE Agency is a Moz-recommended technical SEO agency that solves problems for other agencies and businesses. Awarded “Best SEO Agency” at the 2019 U.S. Search Awards, LOCOMOTIVE partners with some of the world’s largest companies as well as more traditionally sized businesses to deliver measurable ROI. Their team of technical SEO experts utilizes advanced methods and cutting-edge tools to drive organic growth for clients across diverse industries. Whether you’re a national brand or a local business, LOCOMOTIVE has the expertise to elevate your online presence and outperform the competition through innovative, results-driven SEO strategies.


Animink is a pioneering digital design powerhouse that has been empowering businesses’ online journeys since 1998. From streamlining operations with innovative solutions to driving traffic through strategic digital marketing, Animink offers comprehensive services to captivate and engage audiences. Their team of creative experts leverage a deep understanding of digital and traditional media to craft immersive online experiences that turn visitors into loyal customers. Animink prides itself on staying ahead of industry trends, adhering to best practices, and delivering excellence over their 25+ years in business. With a systematic approach and proven track record, Animink is a trusted partner for elevating brands’ online presence.

Knowmad Digital Marketing

Knowmad Digital Marketing specializes in SEO and website design to drive lead generation for businesses. As a certified HubSpot Platinum partner since 2012, the agency leverages inbound marketing strategies to help firms attract the right audience and convert visitors into sales leads. Knowmad’s team of SEO and web design experts create integrated digital solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. By optimizing online presence, creating engaging content, and implementing proven lead nurturing tactics, Knowmad empowers clients to outperform the competition and maximize return on their marketing investments. With a focus on measurable results, Knowmad is a trusted partner for growing businesses.

WiT Group

WiT Group isn’t your average SEO agency. This North Carolina-based team takes a consultative approach, prioritizing client success over one-size-fits-all solutions. They craft data-driven strategies across various digital marketing channels to maximize ROI and build long-lasting brands. With a focus on results, WiT Group ensures your success, whatever it takes.

White Fox Studios

White Fox Studio, nestled near Asheville, NC, offers a powerful combination of SEO and web design. Their in-house team tailors digital marketing solutions for businesses nationwide, focusing on achieving the highest quality results to elevate your online presence and drive success.


Revenomics empowers world-changers. Led by Fortune 500 veterans, they craft data-driven SEO strategies to boost organic traffic for businesses. Their approach prioritizes understanding your customers’ search intent and leverages a talented team to act as SEO advisors, train your staff, or execute a comprehensive SEO plan tailored to your unique goals.


Konvertica isn’t your typical SEO agency. This North Carolina-based team goes beyond search with a focus on conversion strategies. They combine SEO, PPC, and content marketing with the power of AI and design psychology to drive organic growth and propel businesses to the next level.

Magnet Digital LLC

Magnet Digital LLC provides a custom-branded marketing system that generates quality leads 24/7 for businesses. Their team of digital marketing experts can get clients started with a lead-generating solution in as little as two weeks. By leveraging search engine optimization, paid advertising, and proven lead nurturing tactics, Magnet Digital crafts integrated online marketing strategies to help companies attract their ideal customers and convert them into sales. With a focus on delivering measurable results, Magnet Digital is a trusted partner for growing companies looking to maximize their marketing ROI and stay ahead of the competition.


WE•DO Inc provides integrated marketing solutions that take a holistic approach to clients’ online and offline efforts. As a one-stop-shop, the agency helps develop successful brand strategies across diverse marketing channels – from web development and technical SEO to email marketing and traditional advertising. WE•DO’s team of experts fuses deep knowledge, genuine hustle, and grit to create tailored growth strategies for each client. By seamlessly aligning digital and traditional tactics, WE•DO acts as a bolt-on marketing department that empowers businesses to outperform the competition and maximize their return on investment. With a focus on measurable results, WE•DO is a trusted growth partner.

Ambidextrous Services

Ambidextrous Services, a North Carolina web design leader since 2006, empowers service-based businesses with award-winning websites. Their expertise goes beyond design, offering built-in SEO, copywriting, and internet marketing to boost your online presence and attract new customers.


FLDTRACE specializes in driving qualified traffic and leads for small-to-medium businesses and B2B companies. Their team of digital marketing experts leverage cutting-edge SEO strategies to boost online visibility, attract the right audience, and generate high-quality leads that translate into real business growth for their clients. FLDTRACE is a trusted partner for SMBs and B2B firms looking to maximize their marketing ROI.

4P Tech Labs

4P Tech Labs isn’t just SEO. They’re your North Carolina web design and marketing partner. Their focus is on crafting human-centered digital experiences and bespoke solutions to propel your business growth. From impactful web design to marketing automation, 4P Tech Labs helps you stay ahead of the curve and achieve digital success.

Lea Digital Solutions

Lea Digital Solutions has established itself as a pinnacle of expertise and precision in the digital marketing landscape. From their headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, their team of seasoned experts and unwavering perfectionists are devoted to sculpting unparalleled success stories for businesses both small and large across the globe. With deep roots in the local community and a global reach, Lea Digital Solutions prides itself on versatility and adaptability. The agency has collaborated on numerous projects, showcasing its commitment to delivering customized, high-impact digital marketing solutions that drive measurable results for clients. Lea Digital Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their online presence and achieve sustained growth.

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