Must-See Architecture Magazines for Professional Architects

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Architecture as a profession has no set timelines. If you want to stand out in the competition and secure the most challenging projects, you should forget about stereotypes and eliminate boundaries. The following architecture magazines will help you stimulate your dynamic mind and gain valuable insights. These media publications have the best reputation and are definitely worth your attention and subscription.

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When you open any of these architecture magazines, you will find the best examples of architecture worldwide. Enjoy reading articles and viewing the visually stunning content. Let’s take a closer look at the must-have magazines to stay up to date with the latest trends in architecture and exterior design.

1. Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest architecture magazines.

The Architectural Digest magazine has a unique style of communication with readers, primarily focusing on the architectural and modern population. You will enjoy reading articles about various cities worldwide and seeing the best examples of architecture. The magazine showcases the finest places in these cities, offering readers a visual journey through different project phases. You’ll discover many interesting details that contribute to the living spaces. Additionally, it features ‘The List’ section, providing readers with a list of specialists in the architecture field who can assist with their projects. The photos will add extra engagement and motivation to refine your skills and advance further on your professional path.

2. Dwell

Dwell architecture magazines.

The magazine was created more than two decades ago. Dwell has the reputation of being a high-quality magazine that focuses on contemporary residential architecture. Readers appreciate its human side. You will find projects from all around the world: new constructions, renovations, prefab homes, and many other trendy themes. Styles are diverse and creative, including mid-century modern, Scandinavian styles, minimalist approaches, etc. The editorial team is talented and renowned for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and creativity. Their work in media publication is valued by leading professionals. Thanks to its engaging style, this architecture magazine is considered one of the best in the field.

3. Wallpaper*

Wallpaper* architecture magazines.

Wallpaper* was created in the United Kingdom in 1996 by Tyler Brûlé, a famous Canadian. In 1997, the magazine was sold to Time Warner. The philosophy of this media publication has remained unchanged since its inception. It celebrates all forms of creativity in architecture, design, fashion, modern art, and the style of living. The magazine reveres innovation and creativity. Thanks to such an approach, it has gained international acclaim with a focus on architecture. Readers can enjoy exclusive and varied content that appeals to both professionals and amateur architects and designers. If you are passionate about design, you must subscribe.

4. Architectural Record

Architectural Record architecture magazines.

Architectural Record is one of the oldest and most influential architecture media publications in the world. The magazine has been in publication since 1891. You will enjoy projects from all around the world, including residential, commercial, and cultural structures. Readers appreciate its in-depth and detailed reports, covering all aspects of architecture: technical, artistic, and commercial. The magazine also provides reviews of popular architectural products and highlights new trends in technologies. If you work in architecture, design, or engineering, subscribing to this publication is essential to stay informed about the latest trends.

5. Abitare

 Abitare architecture magazines.

Abitare is a famous architecture magazine in Italy. It was created in Milan in 1961. This media publication is highly respected by the experts. The content is about contemporary design and modern architecture. You will enjoy reading articles about lifestyles and the way people use their living spaces. Abitare shares the most interesting and breathtaking projects and the latest trends in design and architecture. Thanks to this magazine, you will know how to take ownership of your personal spaces. You will learn many new things on how to manage residential, commercial, interior/exterior, and private projects.

6. Interior Design

Interior Design was created in 1932. This media publication focuses on professionals in design and architecture. However, an amateur readership is growing. They like the style, high-quality content, and accessible information on projects. Interior Design is fully dedicated to interiors, either private, commercial, cultural, or institutionalMost articles are about architecture, contemporary art, and industrial design. You will find something for your taste.

7. Metropolis

Metropolis architecture magazines.

Metropolis is an architecture and design magazine, which covers work in detail. You will enjoy following enormous urban design projects, which include important architectural projects that shape cities. This media publication was launched in 1981 in the USA by Sandow Media. You can subscribe and get access to ten issues per year, which come with interesting supplements and special issues.

8. Domus

Domus architecture magazines.

Domus was created in 1928 by architect Gio Ponti. Domus is a famous name in the world of contemporary design and architecture. Readers love detailed coverage of huge projects, in-depth profiles of the leading interior/exterior designers and influential architects. The content is well-structured and informative to boost your inspiration and bring your professional skills to new heights.

9. Frame

Frame architecture magazines.

Frame was founded in 1997 in the Netherlands by Robert Thiemann. Nowadays, this magazine is available in 77 countries. It is considered the best design magazine thanks to its unique style of writing, informative content, and breathtaking visual style. You will see unique design ideas of the best restaurants, bars, hotels. boutiques, schools, libraries, etc. 


DETAIL architecture magazines.

DETAIL is a popular media publication, which is available in German and English. The magazine focuses on the interior/exterior design and architectural details of. Each issue highlights the top international projects. Readers appreciate high-quality photos. Technical drawings, and detailed plans.


The choice of architecture magazines is so huge. We just mentioned a few of them, and there are much more. If you do not want to lose your time, choose magazines with the best reputation and the widest circulation. Use reliable sources of information if you want to upgrade your skills as a designer or architect. Staying up to date with the trends is the key to success and satisfied clients. Good luck with your new BIG project!

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