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Media professionals know better than anyone else that time is money, and it sometimes could be a very large sum. There is nothing more important in this industry than a lightning-fast reaction to a variety of events, be it the release of a new product or hot news, so people who have found their calling in this are constantly looking for ways to optimize their work and bring to the absolute the speed of their actions.

One of the best assistants in this business is the online platform Wrike, which is ready to offer the newest, perfect tools for the work to be done.

First of all, Wrike is a kind of a link between the members of the team and the company departments, which require close cooperation with each other. This is especially important for the high staff workload when priorities are blurred and coordination is not clear, because much of the success of any business is the ability to quickly assess the most important projects and understand the overall picture of what is happening. In this aspect, the online platform creates complete transparency of actions and contributes to the optimal distribution of workload among employees of the company. Having received a new assignment, the manager can quickly analyze which of the subordinates has enough time and resources to carry it out. Having determined the circle of responsible persons, you can set a time frame in which to solve the problem. Once a week or if necessary, the manager can receive a report on how the work of his team is progressing, whether there is a delay in terms. Given that work in the media, space is associated with a constant limited time, this organization of the work process is of high importance from the point of view of competitiveness.

The great advantage of the online platform is that it can also be accessed through a mobile application for iOS and Android, which allows in case of high need to join the workflow at any time in any place. In the queue, in a traffic jam, and even on the go you can leave comments, coordinate small or important details, and much more. Some features of the online platform are also available offline. However, you can synchronize and become available to other people, and on other devices, they can after your mobile phone or tablet connects to the network. Wrike users even use jogging time to reflect and fix working ideas. In the conditions of the frantic pace of the modern world, it is very important to have access to current affairs anywhere in the world and always stay in touch, not only with friends and relatives but also with colleagues at work, with whom we often spend more time than with our own family.

It is also worth noting that working on the online platform of Wrike, you can speed up the coordination of work items and by this reduce the number of workshops. In order to coordinate a question with the leader or a member of the collective, it is enough to mark it in a field requiring coordination. A notification of the mark will be delivered immediately. The person in charge will be able to immediately respond to this from their work computer or mobile device if the Wrike application is downloaded to it.

In view of the fact that the Wrike platform is designed for individual use and meets the needs of huge corporations, it is distinguished by a special degree of flexibility that allows it to be used successfully regardless of the change in the scope of work.

One of the most important advantages of Wrike is the integration with the well-known programs. So, for example, when preparing to advertise it will be very convenient to use the extension for Adobe CC. In addition to providing the platform with an opportunity to view a short description of the assignment, add comments, and mark completed tasks, you can upload the final version directly to the online platform. When making minor changes to the final version, you can update the information in Wrike with a single click of the mouse. The more you do not have to convert a file or save it on a work computer. In addition, creative work suggests that some changes will turn out to be brilliant only in the imagination, but in fact, the previous version in comparison will clearly be more successful.

It’s quite easy to evaluate both results, because all versions will be saved and accessible, so you can quickly return to any of them if necessary. The Matching function will allow you to leave comments in the part of the file to which they refer. This will avoid misunderstandings and add clarity to the workflows. Many companies noted that after they started working with Wrike, their product became more perfect by the time of release and, if changed, is completely insignificant. This fact tells about the significant improvement in the quality of work using the online platform and all the tools it offers.

Why not try Wrike right now? Use the free version to personally test the benefits of working on the online platform. The trial version will certainly not give you the full amount of functions developed by the Wrike team, but it will allow you to form an opinion about the product and decide which of its versions could be better for you and your team. A thrifty attitude to time and the proper use of resources are two keys to success that you will get, using the online Wrike platform.

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