Who Accepts Bitcoin (Infographic)

Everybody will remember 2017 as the year when cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in value, especially Bitcoin. While Bitcoin was slowly rising since its creation, 2017 was the year when its value went from around $1.000 to almost $20.000, making some of the skeptics rethink their stance on cryptocurrencies.

Even though cryptocurrencies faced a lot of backlash in their early years, today almost everyone is on the Bitcoin bandwagon. Of course, some countries are still resisting, but the vast majority have embraced it. In a relatively short time, Bitcoin went from being an obscure currency on the internet to a payment method of the future used by big-name brands in hundreds of countries.

Now, companies like Shopify, Subway, and Tesla have fully accepted Bitcoin payments, and you can pay for any of their products or services with them. However, even if a company doesn’t support Bitcoin, there are some creative ways to buy their best products with it. For example, will help you buy Nike shoes with Bitcoin, while Expedia has embraced this cryptocurrency altogether.

As one of the payment methods, the cryptocurrency is actively used in the media market. In the company with Bitcoin you can publish a press release on more than 7.000 websites.

If you are interested in learning what other companies are accepting Bitcoin, then this infographic is tailor-made for you. Just scroll down and prepare to be amazed at how many of them are there.

The source of infographic

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