Ukrainian Educational Company Secures International Media Coverage via

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The Ukrainian educational company decided to attract foreigners to the next student recruitment. They managed to cover the event on the news websites in the different countries by means of


It is necessary to test interest in the Ukrainian company among foreign students. The customer was interested in the CIS countries, Brazil, India, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, Turkey, the Republic of South Africa, and Bulgaria. Finally, 3 countries were chosen for press coverage.


In the mass media catalog, we used the filter to discover the countries and subjects, taking into account the needs of the customer. The websites of the technological direction in Nigeria, India, and Turkey were selected for publication.

The client prepared the text in English independently. The editors of undertook the translation in Turkish and other platforms published the materials in English. The materials were added to the system, and they received publications in two days.

Technical nuances

The main problem of the client was the quality of texts in exotic languages. solved this problem in no time: the editorial office has the acquired communications with the authors-native speakers from different countries. The translation process is up and running. The difference in time zones can become the only issue, but it was not critical in this specific case.

The payment for publications did not bring any troubles either. The client chose payment on PayPal. The platform undertook the task to convert currencies and money transfers to foreign accounts.


The customer received four publications on foreign platforms in two days. The company attracted interest in Turkey. The publication was made on the website – an educational portal for students and entrants.

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