How to Get Media Coverage with the Help of Unusual Topics (Tinder Case)

Building relationships with media outlets is a real art. To get free publicity, brands need to be creative and provoke the interest of journalists in their brand. Every day, top media outlets receive multiple emails with press releases from different brands. They will not be posting boring articles concerning brand sales or regarding the introduction of a new service, however. They need attention-grabbing news hooks and catchy stories.

Your brand’s inside news interests only you and your marketing team. Who cares that your company has finally got into the top 10 on Trustpilot or issued a new logo! Here, we’re about to provide you with an example regarding an unusual approach to promotion. Tinder is a company that opts for unusual news hooks to spur interest in its brand. Let’s take a look at how Tinder managed to appear in the most popular media with their unusual marketing strategies.

Tinder is a dating app based on the location of its users that helps them find matches and organize weddings. Their number of daily visitors reaches about 2.6 billion people coming from more than 196 countries.

On Mashable, you can find multiple posts with Tinder mentions. There are surveys on teenagers using the dating service, funny stories about “Jesus” registering to Tinder, stories regarding banning for racism or discrimination, etc. You can even spot headlines like “Even primates use Tinder now.” The bottom line of such posts is that they tell the cases of how real people use the service instead of describing its advantages. It’s fun and entertaining content that makes brand engagement more pleasing than through traditional advertising.

Jesus has registered to Tinder

One of the service’s users introduced himself as an ordinary carpenter named Jesus. In support of his words, this trickster uploaded a photo of himself in a white robe. He also claimed that he was 2016 years old. This article on Mashable got thousands of views and over 600 shares to social media. Some users sent messages to Jesus and posted screenshots of their communication, spurring a new wave of publicity.

Tinder is testing a secret version of its app for the rich, famous and hot

News that Tinder is to release a special version of an app to a limited number of users rocked social media. People liked exclusive limited offers. Discussions about how to become users of a private club pushed many Internet users to register on Tinder.

Tinder’s new gender options have led to matches for 250,000 trans people

You can be surprised to learn that there are over 35 gender identity options available on Tinder. First, the app announced that users could choose from all of these options while filling out the registration form. A bit later, Mashable published an article about 250,000 trans users who found their mates with the help of Tinder’s new gender option. Over 2000 users shared the article.

Guys showed their best poses for Tinder profile photos

Useful articles are one of the best means of brand engagement. Tinder created a guide for users on how to make an attractive photo for their app profile. A few users shared their tips for creating a good photo. One barely smiles, while the other tries posing with unusual expressions. And, Tinder gets publicity thanks to such articles.

Girl uses Tinder to make money

This article tells about a savvy girl who posted a bio on Tinder that said “Send me $5, see what happens.” She received at least $100 to her PayPal account (a payment method that’s integrated into the app). What happened after the guys sent her all those fives? Well, go on read the article that brought Tinder over 2,500 mentions on social media.

You see, users don’t want to read boring articles about a company’s success anymore. They wish to read catchy and entertaining stories. Unusual topics attract audiences and stick in the memories of users. You can try some of the Tinder tricks mentioned above and get your publicity and engagement for free.

Unique, interesting articles attract more people to a website than traditional informative posts do. Media editors take this fact into account and offer their readers offbeat topics. Even the most average business will hit the headlines and get the audience’s attention when it uses a fresh approach to a news hook choice. It can be a bit harder if you’re not a world famous dating app. Here at we know how to get media coverage with unconventional topics. We can provide you with perfect media exposure. Just take a look at our Publicity package.

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