Pinterest Public Relations: Get Your Business Into the PR Game with Pinterest

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Are you on Pinterest already? Does your company use this platform daily to provide your prospects and customers with information about the company? If so, are you doing it correctly? If not, let’s get started.

Pinterest, the image-focused social media network whose audience is 80% adult females willing to spend some money online, is a wonderful website to market your site, project, service, or anything you would love to market, just be sure you are definitely sure the service/product will likely be attractive for a female audience.

We all know what Pinterest is about and how it works. But have you already thought about Pinterest as a smart marketing tool that can powerfully influence your business? Presenting an online visual pinboard with a great variety of pins on different topics, Pinterest is the social media heart of any marketing strategy and the statistics reflect this. If you are looking for a strong receptive audience, which generates over 400% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook, as well as refers to more traffic than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined – then you have definitely hit the right spot!

Today more and more businesses are beginning to use this visual discovery tool in order to connect with other users (which can be your partners, clients, or investors) and spread the word. So if you feel that you can post consistently and bring together some useful and interesting stuff for other people, and at the same time get more benefits for your business, then welcome to the “pinnable world”.

In this post, we are going to give you the main hints about how to make Pinterest work for your business, so let’s start:

Sign up Your Company on Pinterest

Besides that you need to add a “Pin” button to your site, it’s necessary to sign up on Pinterest and start to display some catchy, but most importantly, sharable content, which can be connected with your company and other related life topics.

Pinterest promotion could in fact be challenging. Quite challenging. It can be difficult to obtain followers, it’s very hard to get them to interact with your pins (repin them or comment on them), and also it’s hard to receive visits from your pins to your main site. But that’s only the beginning. When the ball starts rolling as well as your pins go viral, things are mostly on autopilot because Pinterest members do the work for – repin your pins so their followers check them and pay a visit to your blog, then simply purchase your products or services.

To accomplish this, you’ll have to communicate with your followers, and create connections to them, which often can take quite a lot of your time, quite likely 5–6 hours every day.

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Use Boards to Spread Your Stuff

Taking into account that Pinterest has great search capabilities, you’ll definitely need to create boards with keywords in your title. Also, don’t forget to choose the right category in order to help other people find you. Here’s one more piece of advice — don’t just post, build a community. It’ll take time, but it’s worth it.

Build Relationships with Influencers

If you are going to complete the first step in relationship-building, you need to engage the attention of your influencers. You should like their pins and leave comments, which can be a good start to kicking off your relationships. If you attract the attention of influencers, you’ll more easily be able to reach your targeted audience. You can also create collaborative boards to get a new group of pinners and expand your clients’ circle.

Pay Attention on the Images

Before starting, it’s good to know Pinterest’s image requirements. Downloadable images should be more than 80 pixels, meaning that original image dimensions should be 600-800 pixels. On the Pinboard, an image will be resized to about 192 by 256 pixels. Having correct dimensions will help your pins get noticed more often.

How to Use Pinterest for SEO

The secret to growing Pinterest… keywords!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pinterest is all about setting up your business Pinterest page to attract comments, shares, and followers from your ideal audience.

It helps to think of Pinterest as a self-contained search engine, one that pulls up vibrant images with keyword-rich descriptions of blogs, infographics, videos, and products. And just like any other search engine, Pinterest’s primary mission is to deliver quality content to its users.

How to optimize your pins for search

Any discussion about SEO, whether on Pinterest, your website, or any other platform, must begin with quality content. There’s simply no way around it.

Like traditional SEO for web pages, integrating keywords into your content is essential. Pinterest SEO, however, goes a step further. As a visual medium, optimizing SEO for Pinterest involves things like proper image formatting, sparking engagement from your target market, and enabling Pinterest’s special features like the “Save” button and “Rich Pins.”

  • Create and pin quality, engagement-worth content.
  • Use guided search to get an idea of what users want to see.
  • Keyword research.
  • Write keyword-rich descriptions for pins and boards.
  • Feel free to use hashtags.
  • Use Rich Pins.

Pinterest can be a great tool for improving your SEO. One of the best ways to do so is to utilize Pinterest by pinning images and links to your website. For example, creating quality graphics that go along with your blog posts and then posting those to Pinterest with a link back to your site and that specific post helps increase referrals to your website. Pinterest can also be incredibly useful for keyword research because you can see search suggestions and what popular search terms are.

Find New Partners and Likeminded People

Using Pinterest presents a great opportunity to be noticed by other businesses and to keep the track of events that happen in your business sphere at the same time. Following other small businesses gives you a great opportunity to introduce yourself, and following your customers gives you better ideas about their interests and needs.

So start using your business account instead of personal, and make your brand vision with the help of Pinterest. Take into account that by doing really light “pinnable” activity with PR in mind, you can boost creativity, promote your company, and bring more clients into your business. Pinterest is the number one source of traffic and sales, so get out there and try and get a bite of the pie!

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