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The New York Statesman is a news portal owned and managed by the Midwest Radio Network, experts in delivering digital media. First issued in 2002 the publication attracts a good following.

The New York Statesman offers its readers the opportunity to stay up-to-date with local news and also to remain well informed about news on a more global scale. There are sections relating to breaking news stories that really offer an insight into what’s happening in New York and beyond.

Appealing to a wide audience the eNewspaper provides the latest information on a number of topics including detailing industry development and providing an insight into the world of business and finance. The New York Statesman also prides itself on its coverage of sporting topics — check out the breaking news to remain updated on fixtures and results.

The New York Statesman offers local businesses the opportunity to publish interesting news stories and articles on new products and developments. This is an effective way to promote your company. There is also the selling point that you can add a link that will take readers to your website, increasing traffic and letting potential clients see what it is that you can offer.

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