<p>Clapway is, what you could describe as a “quirky” website. Part blog, part news portal, it conveys the latest information concerning science and technology. If you explore the website you are likely to come across a multitude of topics. The main aim of Clapway is to inform and inspire. And the interesting blog posts and articles certainly achieve that.</p> <p>Blogs include subjects such as “Why do mice get depressed,” and the less odd “Cold weather insulation problems and how to solve them.” The news section also includes some varied themes including “Technology in education now, compared to 50 years ago.” You will also find a section devoted to presenting top lists and here you will see the likes of “Top 6 innovative ways to improve your websites.” Like we said — fabulously diverse. The website appeals to those who enjoy embracing new developments, are interested in fascinating facts and like the idea of staying abreast of technological advances. </p> <p>Clapway embraces social media and has a following on Twitter and Facebook (over 140000 followers on FB). Visitors are invited to subscribe to a newsletter and the companies are welcomed showcasing their latest and most up-to date products. Placing your content with Clapway should help you to reach a wide audience, particularly those who are tech savvy and are looking for new and exciting products.</p> <p>Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.</p>
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