Try out flexible CRM for PR has all advanced CRM features for easily managing your PR activities and relationships with journalists and clients. With our flexible contact management tool you get better results from pitches and your existing client-media interaction. Forget about Excel with our convenient contact import feature. You can get access to detailed information on contacts from their social media accounts, create personalized email campaigns and collaborate on your contacts database with your team. stores all the tools you need in one place.

Easy import of contacts

Managing contacts has never been so easy. Stop wasting your time for Excel files. To import your contacts, just upload a valid CSV file and all the contact information will be stored in your pressroom. Smart conflict handling prevents “overwriting” existing contact information and metrics. Tag contacts and create press lists to send personalized emails to influencers.

Contacts safety & security

Your contacts are stored safe within data base. We provide regular backups to avoid any possible loss of information. You can be 100% sure that all your contacts, email correspondence, press lists are perfectly safe with

Collaborate on contact management

Your contacts remain yours only. No one else can access them unless you share access with your team members to collaborate on contacts lists, email campaigns etc. You can enable guest access feature to provide full or limited access to pressroom, press releases, press lists etc.

Customizable contacts card & fields

To make managing contact information a snap, we have added a comfy option. You can attach necessary fields to the contact's card and customize fields on the contacts page. Edit the card with your fields to arrange information on your contacts in the most comfortable way.

Newsletter subscription feature

With newsletter subscription option you won’t only get new contacts, but will always keep your subscribers updated on your latest news and events. To get subscribers, you can use the email subscription form that is set right on the editing page of a pressroom.

With you can build the right relationships with journalists the right way — by identifying their needs and providing real value.

Katerina Drobot, PR-manager at Innovecs

Katerina Drobot
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