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Top Ukrainian News Websites For Your Press Releases will help Ukrainian readers to find out an information about your company will broadcast press releases containing latest information about your company on the Ukrainian top informative sites. It will help to strengthen you market position and to make your products well-known to a wide range of Ukrainian readers and media resources.

How can we help you? editorial will write a press release and will make a plan of its publication on selected Ukrainian informative sites. Several dozens of news sites of different specialization can help your company to distinguish it from the other ones. An amount of Ukrainian news sites is constantly growing, so the specificity of the site will be as close to the field of your organization's activity as possible.

We publish and edit press releases in order to make them to fully reflect the specifics of the company and main goals it wants to reach. In this regard, offers a wide range of services that can be useful for both developing and already-established companies:

  1. catalog of the Ukrainian sites that are willing to place information on the most popular and sought-after subjects;
  2. set of tools for distribution of press releases and for planni their accommodation in accordance with events that are important for the company;
  3. feedback with advices on all aspects of publishing and editing press releases.

More than 50 Ukrainian informative sites are willing to share news related to your company. Publication of press releases will be simplified for you with