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Top Russian Online Media

PRNEWS.IO will help you to distribute the press releases in Russian News in the most effective way.

How to determine the place of publication of press releases? Trust advertising campaighn to the media professionals from, who, thanks to long-term cooperation with most of the major news sites in Russia, will help you to publish the press releases in the most effective way. will help you to use the advantages of hundreds of most popular informative sites of Russia including the AIF,,, and many others.

Why it is so important to distribute press releases with PRNEWS.IO?

Distribution of press releases on nationwide, federal or regional informative sites will allow you to inform your readers about important events connected with your company. So, the press releases published in a prestigious business media, will positively affect the company's reputation. is one of the most robust to date advertising tools which will help you with editing and posting press releases. features allow you to:

  • Create your own corporate press center and use it to manage the data about the company, contacts and information about the staff and management;
  • Choose the time and location of the publication;
  • Choose sites for publishing press releases and to control the placement of advertisements in the media.


Professionals from can help you to determine the best episode for publication and will bring it to perfection giving advise regarding the intricacies of writing and posting. All that you need to do is to adjust the PR-campaign on the basis of the reports we provide.