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Get Your Sponsored Publication on Top Polish News Websites

Top news websites in Poland will make your brand famous.

With you can effectively present your company in Poland, using the leading news sites of East Europe. Thus it is possible to inform residents of European countries about activity of your company without posting advertising publications only.

The press release can be published on more than 100 Poland informative sites. Each of them has its own specialization, such as politics, economy, fashion, art, etc.

What can we offer?

Top news sites in Poland will make your brand famous. It will solve the communication problem between representatives of your company and potential customers or general public.

Submitting a press release on Poland’s informative resources will take few minutes. This means you will not need to exert much efforts to think through the strategy of PR-campaign and to implement it within a specific region. offers following solutions to you:

  • Corporate Press Center with detailed Information about the company and its products;
  • Convenient mechanism for submitting press releases that’s devoid of technical difficulties;
  • Tweaking the time of publication on selected news sites;
  • Detailed advices in the creation and distribution of press releases as well as assistance in the preparation of a final reason for news publications.

Why should you choose

We write and distribute press releases, that contain the latest information about the company without advertising "frills" and exaggerations. Polish media and their readers will consider you to be the representatives of modern business who’s activity is based only on achievements and concrete actions. editorial will help you in the creation of such an image with the help of leading Polish informative sites.

We will take care of a wide range of issues related to the preparation of informative articles and involving Polish media into broadcasting. You will only need to adjust your own PR-campaign using reports we will provide.