By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Hide is the online portal for the print newspaper the Kitchener Post.

Delivered weekly on a Thursday, they strive to bring a high quality, informative newspaper that serves the needs of the local community in an excellent way.

The online portal presents as lively and colourful, giving the impression of contemporary content and a sense of pride in the local area. As such, articles that are positive and reflective of the area would seem to sit well with existing content.

The paper and portal contain details of events, classifieds, jobs, shopping, advertisements, obituaries, community, sports and more.

The Kitchenerpost and are part of the Fairway Group who belong to the larger umbrella company of Metroland Media. Their business reach is predominantly centred around the Toronto and Greater Toronto area.

Metroland Media are a highly successful publishing group whose main focus is community. With multiple awards and many localised content belonging to them, they know exactly what content will sell well. A forward thinking company, they are keen to embrace new talent and ideas in their efforts to increase profit and profile.

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We know how to get your article published on sponsored post is the online portal for the print newspaper the Kitchener Post.

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